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Benchmade 945-221 Mini Osborne Pocket Knife Review

When you talk about knives you can use outdoors; there aren't many that can perform better than the Benchmade 945-221 Mini Osborne Pocket Knife.

Why are we so confident in our standpoint? Because this knife was made explicitly for outdoor use. Everything put into the knife's overall build, and design was for convenient and easy outdoor use.

This knife has become popular among anglers, hikers, and campers. It is perfect for those who like going on outdoor adventures. Everything about the Mini Osborne 945-221 Carbon Fiber screams functionality and style, from their assisted opening features to their ergonomic design.

If you're searching for a great outdoor knife, the Benchmade Mini Osborne Carbon Fiber knife should hold the highest priority for your many adventures outside. But don't take our word for it just yet; instead, we would like to show you a detailed review.

Below, you'll find a detailed knife review highlighting this product's shortcomings and best parts. This information should help you conclude if this knife is best for your needs. However, before we get into the heart of things, let's find out what makes a great outdoor knife.

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Characteristics of Good Outdoor Knives

Blade's metal

The metal used to manufacture the blade itself is one of the essential features of any outdoor pocket knife.

Since you will be using these knives outdoors, you need a blade that is easy to sharpen and tough enough to withstand all the demands of your outdoor adventures.

You need a blade that can easily cut through several different materials and one that can pierce, stab, or slice. The best materials for outdoor pocket knives are stainless steel or carbon steel.

Such materials manufacture an agile and flexible blade that can retain its edges well. In addition to all this, they're also robust and incredibly durable, providing outstanding resistance to impact and pressure. Lastly, they don't rust, meaning you can use them in all weather conditions.

Knife Handle

Next, you should always look for a knife with a firm grip to facilitate comfortable use during various tasks. Your blade's handle determines whether the knife will be easy to use.

It would help if you had a good handle with texturing or scales that prevent the knife from slipping. During tense emergencies, you need a knife that will stick in your hand. Textured and scaled handles can help with that.

Similarly, it should have a natural fit when in the palms of your hand and should feel comfortable when you use it to pierce, slice, cut, and do other stuff. The length of the handle needs to give you a firm but comfortable grip.

Try holding the knife in various positions to determine if the knife feels comfortable. Additionally, attempt various tasks and see how well it handles.

The handle's material is another thing you shouldn't forget to consider. Look for materials that will give you a comfortable grip no matter the weather conditions. Also, ensure to get a material that lasts long and does not break on impact or when stressed in various directions.

Shop Benchmade 945-221 Mini Osborne Pocket Knife

Also Available at: BenchmadeReiKnifeCenter

The carbon fiber material used on this particular product is one of the great ones because of its waterproof abilities. It is durable, waterproof, and offers users an excellent drip. It is thanks to the strongly patterned weaving that gives it structural resistance. However, it has the shortcoming of unraveling when stretched in the opposite direction.

G-10 also provides fantastic grip and resiliency. It is a good alternative to carbon fiber and certainly performs better than wood and metal handles. And speaking of metals, titanium material will provide you with great durability and corrosion resistance. But it won't be as grippy, so it is better for show than function.


Outdoor pocket knives usually have a serrated blade edge, a plain blade edge, or both. The knives with serrated edges feel more like saws when you use them to cut into objects.

Most outdoor knife users like blades with serrated edges because they are better for outdoor use and survival. Blades with serrated edges are often better for cutting rope and wood. The teeth grasp the fibers, preventing slipping for a precise and jugged cut.

However, these types of blade edges have their shortcomings. For starters, the teeth's shape won't allow for clean cuts. Furthermore, they are harder to sharpen because the teeth act as multiple miniature edges. You could end up dulling your knife if you are not careful.

Others prefer plain-edged blades for outdoor knives. First, a plain-edged blade is easier to sharpen, which is helpful because it loses its edge faster than serrated blades. In addition, plain edge blades are better for slicing and perform extremely well when you use them to cut through objects.

Shop Benchmade 945-221 Mini Osborne Pocket Knife

Also Available at: BenchmadeReiKnifeCenter

Features of the Benchmade Mini Osborne

The Benchmade Mini Osborne 945-221 knife has a similar design to its predecessor, the 940 Osborne, which was a giant in the outdoor knife world. It won the hearts of casual and EDC users, proving effective in multiple settings.

The main difference is that the 945-221 Mini has been shrunk down and made into a more comfortable size ideal for everyday carry.

However, the 945-221 Osborn's compact size shouldn't fool you. It can perform just as well as its bigger brother. It is ideal for everyone as long as they appreciate the feel and versatility of a smaller knife. They conceal easier and don't weigh you down. Plus, they meet standard carrying laws in most states. 

Benchmade is well-known for making some of the hottest pieces in the knife world, and its products are built in the USA. Whether you require a trusty everyday tool or a tactical survival knife, the company will not disappoint. They remain in business because of their dedication to their clients and listening to what they want.

Benchmade 945-221 Mini Osborne Review

Now, let us take a closer look at this product's features to see whether it's one of the top outdoor knives in circulation.


The Mini Osborne 945-221 has an S30V 2.9-inch steel blade and reverse tanto design. The reverse tanto blade style has become very popular, especially in the everyday carry knife space. More users are seeing its superiority in its versatile use.

Unlike the more conventional drop-point blade, which narrows toward the thin point, the reverse tanto blade design gets wider at the tip of the knife, making it slightly more durable.

When you fully open this outdoor knife, it's less than 7 inches long, which helps make it ideal for those who like carrying knives but mainly want to use them for things like opening packages. This size also helps comply with different state laws.

Shop Benchmade 945-221 Mini Osborne Pocket Knife

Also Available at: BenchmadeReiKnifeCenter


Most people who like outdoor pocket knives know the value of a good carry clip. Many people often prefer deep carry clips that can hide the knife deeper in the pocket. The Mini Osborne 945-221 features a reversible mini split-arrow clip and contains a more minimalistic overall design.

However, even though it has a compact and minimal overall design compared to its big brother, the knife is still very secure. It won't fall out of your pocket that easily, even after kicking off your trousers after a long day of outdoor adventures.


These days, everyday pocket knives are way more about form than function, and this is where the 945-221 Mini Osborne shines. Even though it isn't an overly priced outdoor knife, it feels a little expensive when you hold it, thanks to the durable and sleek G10 aluminum handle.

Most people adore the G10 aluminum handle. It has an elegant and cool matte finish, does not rust like aluminum, and feels significantly grippier. Its forest-green color scheme stands out in the crowd of black knives. And it has a little extra pop because of its purple barrel spacers.

Final Thoughts

One of the best things about this particular pocket knife is its sub-3-inch, the perfect size for the casual user. On top of that, this knife looks awesome. It is sleek enough to be unnoticeable when in the pocket but gorgeous when in use. Its visuals are the perfect blend of outdoorsy and tactical looking.

The only notable shortcoming to users is that it is not an assisted-open knife. Knives with assisted opening are often more convenient and faster for everyday carry. Still, this should not take it out of your potential tool list.

Opening the knife becomes easier with practice. Some users even prefer non-assisted opening knives because they have gotten used to theirs. Just practice and you will be fine.

So, Should You Buy This Knife?

Since its inception into the pocket knife market, the Mini Osborne 945-221 has become many people's go-to option for an everyday carry knife that performs well outdoors. It is non-threatening and small with incredibly fast action.

While, in many ways, it's a scaled-down model of its Benchmade classic big brother, we consider it a mini version ideal for beginners and people looking for the smaller variant. So yes, you should buy this knife if you fall into those categories and appreciate high-functioning tools.

Shop Benchmade 945-221 Mini Osborne Pocket Knife

Also Available at: BenchmadeReiKnifeCenter

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