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Exploring the Range: A Guide to Benchmade Pocket Knife Blade Styles

Exploring the Range: A Guide to Benchmade Pocket Knife Blade Styles

Benchmade is renowned for producing high-quality pocket knives that blend functionality, durability, and precision craftsmanship. One key aspect that sets Benchmade apart is the diverse array of blade styles they offer. Each blade style possesses unique characteristics and applications, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every user's needs. In this article, we will delve into the world of Benchmade pocket knife blade styles, exploring their designs and highlighting their specific uses.

Drop Point Blades

drop point blade

The drop point blade is one of the most versatile and popular blade styles found in Benchmade pocket knives. It features a convex curve on the spine that slopes downward towards the tip, creating a robust and reliable blade. The drop point excels in tasks such as slicing, carving, and general everyday use. Its strong tip allows for precise control, making it ideal for delicate cutting tasks as well.

Clip Point Blades

benchmade clip point blade

The clip point blade style is recognized for its distinct clipped or concave portion on the spine near the tip. This design feature not only enhances piercing ability but also provides a larger belly for effective slicing. Benchmade pocket knives equipped with a clip point blade excel in tasks that require a sharp, fine point, making them ideal for detailed work, piercing, and controlled cutting.

Tanto Blades

benchmade tanto blades

Inspired by Japanese samurai swords, the tanto blade style is characterized by a straight edge and a strong angular tip. This design offers exceptional strength and piercing capability, making it an excellent choice for tactical and self-defense applications. The tanto blade style is highly resistant to tip breakage, providing increased reliability during demanding tasks.

Wharncliffe Blades

benchmade wharncliffe blade

The Wharncliffe blade showcases a straight edge that tapers to a fine point, similar to a traditional pen knife. With a perfectly flat cutting edge, it excels in tasks requiring precise and controlled cuts, making it an excellent choice for jobs that require accuracy and detail. The Wharncliffe blade style is commonly favored by craftsmen, electricians, and individuals who perform intricate cutting tasks.

Sheepsfoot Blades

benchmade sheepsfoot blade

Featuring a straight edge that curves downward towards the tip, the sheepsfoot blade style is known for its safety and versatility. Its rounded tip reduces the risk of accidental punctures, making it ideal for emergency and rescue scenarios. Additionally, the sheepsfoot blade excels in tasks that require controlled slicing and cutting while minimizing the chances of injury.

Spear Point Blades

benchmade spear point blades

The spear point blade boasts a symmetrically curved shape, with the spine and cutting edge meeting at the tip, creating a sharp point. This blade style is renowned for its versatility and balanced design, offering both cutting and piercing capabilities. Benchmade pocket knives equipped with a spear point blade are well-suited for tactical applications, hunting, and general everyday use.

Reverse Tanto Blades

benchmade reverse tanto blade

The reverse tanto blade style combines elements of the tanto and drop point blades. It features a straight edge and a robust tip, providing both strength and versatility. The reverse tanto excels in heavy-duty tasks, making it a popular choice for tactical applications and survival situations. Its broad blade design ensures enhanced slicing and piercing capabilities.

Trailing Point Blades

benchmade trailing point blade

The trailing point blade style is characterized by a pronounced upward curve along the spine, resulting in a sharp, sweeping tip. This design creates an elongated cutting edge, making it particularly effective for slicing and skinning tasks. Benchmade pocket knives featuring a trailing point blade are popular among hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who require precision and finesse when dressing game or performing intricate cutting motions.

Opposing Bevel Blades

benchmade opposing bevel blade

The opposing bevel blade style, also known as a chisel grind or single bevel, features a unique asymmetrical grind on one side of the blade, creating a single beveled edge. The other side remains flat or has a slight secondary bevel. This blade style offers exceptional sharpness and cutting performance, particularly in push or slicing cuts. Benchmade pocket knives with an opposing bevel blade excel in tasks that require precise control and delicate cutting, making them ideal for woodworking, precision tasks, and certain culinary applications.


Benchmade pocket knives proudly offer a diverse selection of blade styles, each with its own set of characteristics and applications. By exploring the various blade styles, including the drop point, clip point, tanto, Wharncliffe, sheepsfoot, spear point, reverse tanto, trailing point, and opposing bevel, you can find the perfect pocket knife to suit your specific needs and preferences. Benchmade's commitment to quality and innovation ensures that regardless of the blade style you choose, you'll have a reliable and high-performing tool by your side. Embark on your journey through Benchmade's blade styles and discover the perfect cutting companion that meets your requirements, whether it be for everyday carry, tactical use, outdoor adventures, or specialized tasks. Elevate your cutting experience with a Benchmade pocket knife tailored to your needs.

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