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SOG Aegis AT Pocket Knife Review

Shop SOG Aegis AT Pocket Knife

Shop SOG Aegis AT

Also Available at: SogknivesKnivesandtoolsBladehq

When we talk about outdoor knives, the conversation cannot end without mentioning the SOG Aegis AT pocket knife.

Why? Because this knife was explicitly constructed for outdoor use. Everything that went into the design and build of this knife was for easy and convenient outdoor use.

It is why this knife has gained popularity among campers, hikers, and anglers.

This knife is ideal for all people who love adventure in the woods, from the ergonomic design to the assisted opening features.

If you are thinking of purchasing an outdoor knife, the SOG Aegis AT should be at the top of your list.

Below, you will find a detailed review outlining the knife’s best parts and shortcomings. Hopefully, this will act as a helpful buy guide for you.

But first, what makes an excellent outdoor knife?

Characteristics Of A Good Outdoor Knife

Blade metal

The blade’s metal is the most crucial feature of your outdoor pocket knife.

Since you will be using the knife outdoors, you need a tough and easy-to-sharpen blade to withstand outdoor adventure demands.

You need a blade that cuts through various materials easily can pierce or stab, slice, and sharpen. The ideal material for an outdoor knife is carbon steel or stainless steel.

These materials create a flexible and agile blade that retains an edge well. Additionally, they are durable and robust, offering excellent resistance to pressure and impact.

Finally, they do not rust and are therefore suitable for all weather.


There is no use buying a knife that you cannot grip comfortably while doing different tasks. The handle of your blade determines whether you will have an easy time with your knife.

You need a smooth and easy to hold knife handle. It should fit in your hand naturally and feel comfortable when cutting, slicing, piercing, and doing other tasks.

The material of your knife handle is another thing to look out for. Go for a material that gives you excellent grip in all weather and lasts long.

Carbon fiber is a great knife handle material, thanks to its waterproof abilities.

G-10 also offers excellent resiliency and grip. Additionally, titanium will give you excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

Shop SOG Aegis AT Pocket Knife

Shop SOG Aegis ATAlso Available at: SogknivesKnivesandtoolsBladehq

Blade edge

Outdoor knives often have either a plain blade edge or a serrated blade edge. The serrated edge knife has a saw-like effect when cutting into objects.

Most people use serrated edges, deeming them better for survival and outdoor use. Serrated edges are better for cutting through wood and rope.

However, serrated edges have several shortcomings. For starters, they cannot give you a clean cut due to the shape of the teeth. Additionally, they do not retain their edge very well.

Users have also noted that serrated edge blades are harder to sharpen. This is why a plain edge is an ideal blade for an outdoor knife.

It will perform well with cutting, is better at slicing, and retains an edge better than a serrated edge. Additionally, plain edge blades are easier to sharpen.

Features Of The SOG AEGIS AT Pocket Knife

This knife has a 3.13’’ Cyro D2 blade. It is ideal for the demands of an outdoor adventure. The blade promises precise cutting, thanks to the sharp plain edge.

It retains its edge well, so expect to go months without the need to sharpen. The blade also scores well in hardness and durability.

It easily withstands impact and can handle applied pressure with notable resilience. Its length evenly balances out the knife. And it has a solid, smooth feel.

The knife comes with a GRN handle that scores well in visuals. It also offers excellent resiliency and durability. Thanks to its flexible nature, the handle achieves a comfortable feel in your hand.

The SOG AEGIS AT Pocket Knife comes with a thumb stud for rapid opening. Additionally, it has a reversible pocket clip to adapt to various situations.

The primary safety feature of this knife is SOG's patented Assisted Technology (AT) XR Lock. It allows smooth and one-handed opening, then locks the blade into place once it’s open.

It also locks the blade when folded. This patent technology ensures that the blade is only open when intended, reducing the chances of accidents.

Shop SOG Aegis AT Pocket Knife

Shop SOG Aegis AT

Also Available at: SogknivesKnivesandtoolsBladehq



Now, let’s look at all the knife features in detail to see if the SOG AEGIS AT is one of the best outdoor knives in the market.


SOG is known for using Cyro D2 blades for their pocket knives. CYRO D2 blades are powerful and built for hardness. The standard D2 steel undergoes cryogenic processing to create this blade.

And how does it work out? Let’s first understand the properties of D2 steel and its reaction to cryogenic processing.

D2 steel is part of group D steels consisting of D3, D4, D5, and D7 steels. The main characteristic of group D steels is the high carbon and high chromium content.

D2 steel has the following elements:

  • 55% Carbon. Carbon in the D2 steel makes it harder and stronger. It also increases the hardenability of the steel. However, higher amounts of carbon paradoxically increase the brittleness of the blade. Therefore, the D2 steel, while strong, could have some problems with brittleness.
  • 0% Chromium. Chromium is the key element in many steels. Its high content in D2 steel is therefore not an accident. Chromium makes the D2 steel harder, neutralizing any chances of brittleness caused by carbon. Additionally, it makes the steel resistant to corrosion, even in high temperatures.
  • 80% Molybdenum. Molybdenum primarily increases the corrosion resistance of D2 steel. It also gives D2 steel high-temperature strength. This makes the knife ideal for use in all temperatures.
  • 90% Vanadium. It refines the grain structure of D2 steel. This goes on to increase strength and wear resistance. It also promotes longer edge retention.
  • 25% Silicon. Silicon is necessary to improve the soundness of D2 steel. It makes the steel free from defects and imperfections. Additionally, it improves strength and hardness, though to a lesser extent.
  • 35% Manganese. Finally, manganese reduces the brittleness of D2 steel, increasing its overall strength.

The SOG AEGIS AT blade undergoes cryogenic processing. It is a process that happens on the molecular level. However, the process aims to make the steel tougher and less brittle.

SOG uses cryogenic processing to make the D2 steel blade tougher. And when done correctly, cryogenic processing makes the knife tougher.

Therefore, considering the elements and Cyro processing, this blade is certified tough and ideal for outdoor adventure and survival.

Users will recognize how resilient and tough this blade is under pressure and against impact. What’s more, it has excellent corrosion resistance, plus smooth and almost perfect visuals. The blade is an absolute score.

Shop SOG Aegis AT Pocket Knife

Shop SOG Aegis AT

Also Available at: SogknivesKnivesandtoolsBladehq


The SOG AEGIS AT knife comes with a GRN handle. GRN is short for ‘glass-reinforced nylon.’ It is also known as FRN, which is fiberglass reinforced nylon.

GRN is a thermoplastic material that offers excellent resilience and resistance. Some have even called it 'practically indestructible.'

GRN handles are strong and ideal for use in any environmental factors. They offer excellent grip, even when wet. They can also retain their shape under any conditions.

And because of its composition, the material offers a natural grip since it can be molded into any shape. The handle of this knife is, therefore, very comfortable.

Additionally, the handle is highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals. Finally, this handle will last longer, with no issues of chipping or breaking.

In outdoor survival situations, this handle makes all the difference. It is easy to grip and will give you a natural and comfortable feel in the worst weather and tension-filled conditions.

The shape of the handle further supports a smooth and optimal grip that feels natural. Furthermore, it is fully textured to enhance grip in wet conditions. Overall, users get a solid and balanced feel from the knife handle.

Additional Features

  • AT-XR lock

Folding knives are preferred because they offer safety. Too often have users had to deal with knives ripping a hole in their pockets, barely missing skin.

Folding knives are the solution. But without a lock, they pose some danger too. That is where folding knife locks come in. this SOG knife has the patent AT-XR lock.

This lock is one of the most important parts of the knife. It provides a great in-built locking mechanism for the blade.

Additionally, it locks the blade in the place after you open it. This mechanism is so precise that it only allows blade opening when you intend it.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about dealing with loose blade accidents.

  • Thumb-stud assisted opening

Thumb-stud opening is a form of assisted opening ion folding knives. You place your thumb on the stud, then push gently outwards.

Thanks to the locking mechanism of the SOG AEGIS AT knife, the blade retracts safely then locks into place.

The assisted opening is therefore fast and safe. You can use your knife as quickly as you need it. Perfect for survival situations where time is everything.

  • Reversible pocket clip

The reversible pocket clip is one of the best inventions for pocket knives. It allows users to carry the knife tip-up or tip-down depending on the situation. Tip-up puts the knife in a natural position, while tip-down gives discretion.

Because this is an outdoor knife, you will probably find yourself carrying tip-up. It allows you to act quickly, eliminating the need to turn the knife for use.

Still, reversibility is a good option to have for when you return to civilian life, but need your trust tool with you.

Shop SOG Aegis AT Pocket Knife

Shop SOG Aegis AT

Also Available at: SogknivesKnivesandtoolsBladehq

Large Lanyard Loop

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the large lanyard loop. It comes in handy in the most convenient ways. You can tie a string loop to keep the knife on your wrist when you are in action.

Final Thought

It is clear that this is a great outdoor knife. It has ideal blade hardness and edge retention to meet the requirements of an outdoor adventure. Moreover, it is reliable enough for survival situations.

The handle stands out as well. The outdoors calls for a survival knife with a good handle that will not slip through your fingers in the most crucial times.

The calculated and precise design keeps the SOG AEGIS AT knife at the top of the list of dependable outdoor knives. Finally, the verdict says that this knife is ideal for more than camping and fishing. It is a survivalist’s partner.

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