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Spyderco Stovepipe C260TI Pocket Knife Review

Spyderco Stovepipe C260TI Pocket Knife Review

When you look at the Spyderco STOVEPIPE™ C260TI knife, you will notice that it has accents inspired by David Rydbom’s “Bill the Butcher.” And you are right because the design of this knife takes after the custom knife maker’s original design.

Dramatic style coupled with impeccable performance is the only way to describe this knife. The knife proves itself worthy of its inspiration from the blade to the handle. It has the favor of many thanks to its notable advantages.

Below, we will explore detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses that the key features of the knife present. We will outline all the ways you can use this knife and whether it is worth your purchase.

So do not judge this knife at first glance. Instead, we ask you to keep scrolling and learn about all the facts that make this a great knife.

Shop Spyderco Stovepipe C260TI Pocket Knife at Amazon

Shop Spyderco Stovepipe C260TI Pocket Knife at Amazon

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Description and Technical Specs

So let's start with the first glance because it is sure to capture your attention. You will notice that this knife has a unique blade. It is a stout cleaver-shaped blade made from CPM 20CV stainless steel. The shape of the blade also has a hollow grind that gives the knife superior edge geometry.

The next thing you should see is the knife handle. It is made from two durable slabs of titanium connected with a titanium backspacer. The handle has a beautiful, alluring finish. The reverse side has the Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) mechanism.

The knife also has a machined titanium clip for right-side tip-up carry. It also has an oversized pivot pin with artistic accents. All these beautiful properties sport a stonewash finish. The technical specs of the knife are as follows:

Overall Length 6.75" (171 mm)

Closed Length 4.00" (102 mm)

Blade Thickness 0.157" (4.0 mm)

Blade Length 2.78" (71 mm)

Weight 4.9oz (139g)

Major Features: Notable Strengths

So now, let's look at the features that stand out and how they make this knife rank higher.

CPM 20CV Steel

If you are a knife enthusiast, you know that CPM 20CV is one of the best steels in a pocket knife. It has an impressive crystalline structure that also makes it ideal for cutlery. If you are looking for reliable steel, then this is the knife to go for. The chemical elements that make this steel, so reliable are:

  • Chromium (20%). This element is ideal for protecting the blade against the effects of oxidation. Blades often need about 10 to 12% chromium to resist rust and other types of corrosion. Therefore, the high amounts make this a rust-free blade ideal for rain and humidity.
  • Carbon (1.9%). High amounts of carbon can be good or bad. This percentage is high, and it does two things. First, it increases the hardness of the blade, making it resistant. However, it also affects toughness by making it more prone to cracking and chipping. But a good way to counter this is with vanadium.
  • Molybdenum (1%). This element enhances the hardenability of the blade and its strength. It also enhances corrosion resistance to some extent. You can never have too much corrosion resistance with pocket knives since they are constantly exposed to water.
  • Vanadium (4%). Vanadium boosts the hardenability of the blade. And as mentioned before, it can counter the effects of high carbon by making it tougher. Therefore, you can expect that this blade will not chip or crack as it is ideal for shock-loading.
  • Tungsten (0.6%). And finally, the steel has tungsten, enhancing the blade’s strength in high temperatures. It is ideal for survival situations and camping trips when you need to cook.

The blade, therefore, has amazing mechanical properties. We particularly love the hardness that the steel has. It measures 59 to 61 HRC, which is a good number because the ideal is between high 50s and low 60s.

CPM 20CV steel also has excellent edge retention. Edge retention is an important factor for all pocket knives. The edge retention saves you time and keeps you readily prepared for anything. Therefore, you won't have to worry about a dull blade in a while when you purchase this superior knife.

And speaking of longevity, the CPM 20CV blade promises long-lasting use thanks to wearing and corrosion resistance. This blade will remain in perfect working condition for years with proper maintenance.

And finally, despite the high carbon content, the CPM 20CV steel is tough. It can withstand impact and stress without cracking, chipping, and breaking. There is no quantifiable measure for toughness, but this steel is known for its ability to hold its own.

Shop Spyderco Stovepipe C260TI Pocket Knife at Amazon

Shop Spyderco Stovepipe C260TI Pocket Knife at Amazon

Also Available at: SpydercoKnifeworkstheknifejoker

Titanium Handle

Titanium handles are not hard to come by in pocket knives. Many manufacturers use this durable material to create equally durable handles for pocket knives and tactical knives. This metal is surprisingly good, and you can learn why below.

  • Temperature retention. This material defies the common property of its counterparts. It does not conduct heat nor retail cold as much as other metals. For outdoor purposes, this is quite important. You could be heating your knife to seal a bag and end up with burn marks on your hands. Luckily, this titanium handle will not do that to you.
  • Corrosion resistance. Titanium is ideal for resisting corrosion which in turn improves its longevity. The handle can perform in environments where other metals prone to oxidation cannot. This elevates its position as an ideal outdoor knife. With proper maintenance, this handle will give you years of service.
  • Titanium is known for its strength and resistance to impact. Some even associate it with indestructibility. The metal can withstand impact well, and you can rely on it for shock-loading situations. It is an ideal handle for anyone with clumsy habits.
  • And finally, titanium may not have the best visuals, but it certainly makes an impact. Well-designed titanium handles such as this one are simple but impactful. They make a statement by subtly existing.

Cleaver-Shaped Blade

The cleaver-shaped blade is what you would find on a butcher’s knife. It resembles a rectangular-bladed hatchet. Yes, it is often found in the kitchen, which is why many people find the Spyderco STOVEPIPE™ C260TI unique.

This blade shape helps the knife by making it more ideal for slicing, cutting, and chopping. The unpronounced tip may not be great for piercing, but it will help when you need clean straight, and easy cuts.

You can use this blade for everyday tasks such as trimming and opening boxes. Additionally, it will perform well in outdoor situations where you can use it to chop food and vegetables, slice meat and fruits, or trim loose strings.

Hollow Grind

A hollow grind has a concave curve from the top of the spine down to the edge. The primary advantage of this style is that it will not increase in thickness as many grinds tend to do after sharpening.

The grind will remain as thin as when you first bought it, and this will make it easier to sharpen in the long run. It also performs admirably as a slicer, skinner, and shaver.

The obvious disadvantage that comes with a hollow grind is its thinness. This slim feature makes the blade more prone to breaking at the edge. To achieve thinness, manufacturers use less material in the area. Therefore, it would make sense that the knife is easy to break.

Shop Spyderco Stovepipe C260TI Pocket Knife at Amazon

Shop Spyderco Stovepipe C260TI Pocket Knife at Amazon

Also Available at: SpydercoKnifeworkstheknifejoker

Areas That Need Improving

  • Price

The price is the first thing that stands out for us. The knife's price is relatively higher, and we believe it is because of the titanium handle. This tough metal is easy on the eyes but makes a hole in your wallet.

It is one of the most expensive metals globally. And so knives with titanium handles or blades retail very high compared to other metals. Some people go for the same features with a stainless steel or aluminum handle for the price.

But if you do not mind spending so much on its value, then this is a problem you can overlook.

  • Sharpening

The problem with high-carbon blades with impeccable hardness is sharpening. The blade will retain an edge well, but you will have difficulty sharpening the blade to match its sharpness when it is new.

Plain-edged knives such as this one lose their edge faster, so you should prepare yourself with good sharpening tools to make the knife sharp again.

  • Weight

Another aspect that we think could improve is the knife's weight. The blade is not too thick, but the handle is not the best. Titanium is heavier than other metals, so the knife will feel a little heavy in your pocket.

The heaviness is great for a solid feel in your hands, but it is not great for carrying. Again, many buyers turn to aluminum because it is lighter, and therefore, easier to carry.

  • Grip

And finally, titanium has a better grip than stainless steel, but it is not the best. Metal handles do not always offer the best grip, so this knife does not champion as grippy. Carbon fiber and even FRN do a better job of giving pocket knives a good grip. However, as an EDC knife, you would not notice this shortcoming.

Shop Spyderco Stovepipe C260TI Pocket Knife at Amazon

Shop Spyderco Stovepipe C260TI Pocket Knife at Amazon

Also Available at: SpydercoKnifeworkstheknifejoker

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Allen Tucker - May 7, 2022

“Titanium is heavier than other metals.”

Titanium is lighter than steel.

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