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Spyderco Urban Ivory G-10 Damasteel Sprint Run C127GIVD Pocket Knife Review

Spyderco Urban Ivory G-10 Damasteel Sprint Run C127GIVD Pocket Knife Review

This is a limited edition knife from Spyderco, part of the SLIPIT™ series. The design of the Urban Spring Run C127GIVD takes accents of the original and adds sophistication to demand attention. Everything about this knife is subtly classy and functional.

The breathtaking expression of the Urban Sprint Run is one of the best we have seen in folding knife visuals. It comes as no surprise that it will be a limited edition knife. So what will this knife offer to everyday carriers? And will it serve outdoor adventurers just as well?

We take a deep dive into the technical specs and mechanical properties of the Urban Sprint Run. So keep scrolling if you want to learn about the knife's key features, strengths, and weaknesses, plus how it can enhance your routine.

Shop Spyderco Urban Ivory G-10 Damasteel Sprint Run C127GIVD at Amazon

Shop Spyderco Urban Ivory G-10 Damasteel Sprint Run C127GIVD at Amazon

Also Available at: SpydercoRidgerunnerbladesKnifeworks

The Spyderco Urban Sprint Run

As mentioned, the Urban Sprint Run is a limited edition knife that will give users unique features. For starters, the blade is made from Damasteel® Björkmans Twist™ DS93X™. This is pattern-welded steel named after a Swedish bladesmith who wanted a unique and intense expression of the Damasteel Dense Twist™ pattern.

The steel has grain similar to natural wood with a homogeneous structure. These aspects make the blade unique as fingerprints; no two pieces are identical. The full flat grind of the blade enhances cutting performance, and the finish gives it superior corrosion resistance.

Moving from the blade, you will find an exceptionally-designed G-10 ivory handle. The smooth G-10 ivory scales house a notched-joint-locking mechanism. You will also notice a stainless steel backspacer and a reversible deep-pocket wire clip for left or right-side tip-up carry.

The elements on the handle come together to create a visually appealing look that minimalists would also appreciate. The handle immediately draws in the eye. Refreshingly, unlike many pocket knives, the backspacer and wire clip compliment the handle effortlessly rather than only providing functionality. The technical specs of the knife are:

Overall Length: 5.92" (150 mm)

Closed Length: 3.45" (88 mm)

Blade Thickness: 0.114" (2.9 mm)

Blade Length: 2.44" (62 mm)

Edge Length: 2.14" (54 mm)

Weight: 2.1oz (60g)

Based on this description, we predict that the Urban Spring Run will capture the attention of many knife enthusiasts, selling out almost as soon as it launches.

As a responsible knife enthusiast, you know well enough that a closer look into the key features will help you determine if this knife is ideal for purchase. So let us dive into the features that stand out and the ones that could use improvement.

Shop Spyderco Urban Ivory G-10 Damasteel Sprint Run C127GIVD at Amazon

Shop Spyderco Urban Ivory G-10 Damasteel Sprint Run C127GIVD at Amazon

Also Available at: SpydercoRidgerunnerbladesKnifeworks

Key Features

We will focus on the three main features that stand out in the Urban Sprint Run; the handle, blade, and overall design.

The Handle

The Spyderco Urban Sprint Run has an ivory G10 handle. It is a beautiful finish for a premium knife handle material. Let’s examine the material individually and how it performs.

G-10 is a material that consists of multiple layers of fiberglass filled with phenolic resin. This material is durable, grippy, and strong, promising to last long. G-10 is non-porous, so it does not sustain water damage. It is also lightweight and sturdy, making it popular among tactical and hunting knives.

G-10 scales make the handle of this knife solid and non-porous. Therefore, you will not have to worry about water damage. Additionally, the handle remains lightweight but weighted in hand to give you more control.

The knife will impress many groups of people, including minimalists and new carriers, because of its handle weight, enhancing the overall weight. A lightweight pocket knife is an ultimate goal as heavy ones can be uncomfortable to carry daily.

Choosing ivory over black is a bold move, but this makes the knife stand out. Ivory pulls the eye and gives the handle a sophisticated and ‘expensive’ look. The knife will make a statement when you need it to.

Ivory G-10 rarely makes an appearance in folding knives, and so that is just one of the factors that truly make the Urban Spring Run a limited edition knife.

We also believe that the ivory color will help reduce the likeliness of getting lost. Ivory reflects light and is a lot easier to find in the water or mud compared to black and dark browns. Ivory makes for an excellent substitute for silver and gold. And if you are worried about staining, know that G-10 is easy to clean.

The Blade

The Urban Spring Run has Damasteel DS93X steel. This steel is a beautiful and functional combination of two hardenable knife steel grades. The powder-based steel is a fusion of the two alloys RWL34and PMC27.

The combination gives the knife excellent corrosion resistance and admirable strength. The blade has a unique cutting ability and is relatively easy to maintain. This steel is ideal for pocket knives and tactical blades alike.

The blade has a chemical composition dedicated to hardness and corrosion resistance. You will find a chemical composition similar to good steels such as VG 10 and CPM 20CV.

  • Carbon. The high amount of carbon provides the steel with exceptional hardness and corrosion resistance. It is a necessary element that allows cutting through materials and surfaces.
  • Chromium. It will enhance the blade's resistance to corrosion. Any stainless steel requires at least 10% chromium to create a protective layer against rust. This blade meets the requirements making it ideal for all conditions.
  • Manganese. It improves the flexibility and toughness of the steel. Therefore, it can absorb energy without breaking and fracturing.
  • Molybdenum. Another necessary element for stainless steel. It enhances the hardenability and strength of the blade. It also has a positive effect on corrosion resistance.
  • Vanadium. The vanadium in this blade helps enhance toughness which is easily affected by high amounts of carbon.
  • Silicon. It increases the hardness of the blade but to a lesser extent. Still, you can never go wrong with enhancing hardness because you need a knife that easily resists abrasion and wear. Longevity is the ultimate goal.

Shop Spyderco Urban Ivory G-10 Damasteel Sprint Run C127GIVD at Amazon

Shop Spyderco Urban Ivory G-10 Damasteel Sprint Run C127GIVD at Amazon

Also Available at: SpydercoRidgerunnerbladesKnifeworks

The composition gives the blade a high rating in properties such as:

  • Corrosion resistance. The blade has a combination of two highly-resistant steels. This, plus the powder metallurgy of the blade, makes it highly resistant to rust. Oxidation is no match for this blade.
  • Durability. Thanks to the superior hardness of the steel, this blade is highly durable; it resists wearing and abrasion. With proper maintenance, this blade will give you years of service.
  • Toughness. The blade can also absorb energy without cracking and chipping. This is a common problem for high-carbon steel but not this one.
  • Sharpening. The homogeneous microstructure of the steel makes it easy to sharpen despite its hardness. You will only need basic sharpening tools to make it good as new. And it retains an edge pretty well.

 The Design

And finally, we can examine the overall design of the knife. The first thing that comes to mind when we see the Urban Sprint Run is minimalism. More people are looking for small, easy-to-carry knives. And we agree. It does not have to feel like you are wielding a weapon when you carry a pocket knife.

This knife is small, with a simple yet classy design. It is easy on the eyes and does not have all the protruding and large elements that make similar pocket knives bulky and ‘busy.’ The small structure lines up with minimalistic needs. Additionally, it makes the knife legal in most states in the US.

The trademark Round Hole in the blade with the locking mechanism enhances the knife's safety. This, plus the lightweight nature of the knife, makes it ideal for new carriers. Additionally, the knife's overall weight will encourage newbies to keep carrying.

The patterned blade is not a wasted opportunity, for it captures the eye before it impresses with cutting ability. A full flat grind with a plain edge helps with the knife's cutting, chopping, and slicing power.

It is suitable for tasks that demand downward pressure, which can be a lot of things indoors and outdoors. And the knife will give you clean cuts each time.

The deep-pocket wire clip is ideal for people who want to be more discreet about carrying folding knives. It also makes it less likely to fall out of the pocket. The reversible nature of the clip will serve right, and left-handed people, and this slight change makes a huge difference.

Shop Spyderco Urban Ivory G-10 Damasteel Sprint Run C127GIVD at Amazon

Shop Spyderco Urban Ivory G-10 Damasteel Sprint Run C127GIVD at Amazon

Also Available at: SpydercoRidgerunnerbladesKnifeworks

Final Thought

Therefore, while the Urban Spring Run is not the biggest or toughest folding knife, it shines as a convenient everyday tool. The small design elements that people often overlook will become essential features you cannot live without.

You will find yourself looking for these properties in other folding knives because they make all the difference.

So when the urban Spring Run launches, we encourage minimalists, EDC carriers, and newbies to add it to their collection. Similarly, outdoor adventurers will find sustainable usefulness in this small but solid knife.

The Urban Sprint Run uniquely impresses by lacking all the bells and whistles, instead proving that simple is more than enough.

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