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The Best Zero Tolerance CPM S35VN Pocket Knives

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Zero Tolerance has a rich history of producing some of the best pocket knives in the world. The designs focus on durability, high-end materials, and portability. These characteristics are easily visible in the line of Zero Tolerance CPM S35VN pocket knives. If you are looking for a reliable pocket knife, you should consider one of these sturdy and beautiful knives. To fully appreciate what this line of knives has to offer, learn about the parts that make it so impressive in the first place.

The CPM S35VN Blade

Zero Tolerance blades are crafted from high-performance premium stainless steel. The CPM S35VN Blade is no different. Therefore, it is one of the highest performing blades for pocket knives. The blade promises toughness, durability, and a lightweight feel.

The CPM S35VN Blade is made from a specialized formula that promises excellent functionality throughout its lifespan. The formula promotes the formation of vanadium, niobium, and chromium carbides. Each of these has a vital role to play in the durability and strength of the blade.

Niobium carbide is one of the hardest technical compounds known. The formation of this carbide means excellent wear protection on the blade. Vanadium carbide, on the other hand, is currently the most rigid metal carbide known to man. This means that it provides excellent hardness for the blade. You can expect great resistance to breaking, making it ideal for more than just slicing and cutting. Chromium carbides are hard, corrosion-resistant, and wear-resistant. They help the blade retain strength even under high temperatures while avoiding rust and other forms of corrosion.

This specialized formula ensures that each Zero Tolerance CPM S35VN pocket knife has a sharp and long-lasting edge while effortlessly maintaining hardness and resistance to corrosion. As for the rating, the blade easily achieves 8/10 on edge retention, 7/10 on corrosion resistance, 6/10 on toughness, and 5/10 on sharpening ease.

On the Rockwell Scale of Hardness, Part C (HRC), the CPM S35VN blade scores at 60-62. As the name suggests, the Rockwell Scale of Hardness is used to determine the hardness of steel. Part C of the scale is specifically for rating steel used in knives. The higher the number, then the harder the steel.

Steel with lower numbers or soft steel is more durable and resistant to breaking, but they are not the best at maintaining an edge. Hard steel or those with higher numbers are less durable but will keep an edge much better. Because pocket knives are often for slicing and cutting, they benefit from hard steel. It maintains a good edge, better equipped for this use. Also, it is not too hard that it will break easily on applied pressure. Therefore the CPM S35VN blade is an ideal pocket knife blade.

Tactical knives use softer steel because their function involves rugged and near-abuse force. In tactical knives, it is more practical to maintain durability than a sharp edge to handle applied force better.

The CPM S35VN Pocket Knives Handles

The handle of a pocket knife is just as important as the blade. After all, what good is a pocket knife if you can’t even hold it properly?  Zero Tolerance understands this, and you will see excellent grip and durability.

  • Stainless steel handles. This is one of the most common pocket knife handle materials. Zero Tolerance uses stainless steel because it is a premium material that offers excellent durability and timeless allure. Stainless steel also has excellent corrosion resistance. Often steel handles come with ridges to improve the grip. Sometimes it can be plastic or rubber. Stainless steel gives the knife a little more weight, making it ideal for pocket knives but bad for big knives.
  • Carbon Fiber handles. This is another excellent material for pocket knife handles. Carbon fiber is a high-end material that you will find on the pricier pocket knives. It is because it is more expensive to produce but offers great value. Carbon fiber is first strong because, as the name suggests, it is an intricate weaving of single fibers. Carbon fiber is also lightweight, making it great for pocket knives whose main allure is portability. As for visuals, carbon fiber possesses an unbeatable glamor.
  • Titanium handles. Titanium is a lightweight metal alloy becoming a considerable part of the pocket knife manufacturing industry. Despite its metal origins, titanium is pretty lightweight, so titanium-handle pocket knives feel just as light to carry. This alloy is also resistant to corrosion, including rust which is a common problem for other metals. Often, manufacturers will color titanium to create vast choices. They will also texturize to improve grip. This sturdy material surprisingly maintains a warm feel, unlike other metals. This ensures you get a comfortable grip even in the winter.
  • G-10 handles. This material is made of fiberglass, promising toughness ideal for any weather. This strong material is lightweight, increasing its attractiveness as a handle material for pocket knives. G-10 is on the affordable side and maintains all the good qualities of a pocket knife handle. Like titanium, manufacturers texture G-10 for a better grip and color to offer choice. It is also non-porous.
  • Aluminum handles. Lastly is aluminum. Aluminum is a durable metal that manufacturers often anodize to create multiple colors, gaining the market's favor due to choice. The same application enhances its hardness and offers protection against corrosion and other elements. Aluminum provides a hefty feel ideal for cutting and slicing but maintains a lightweight nature for easy portability. This metal has excellent tensile strength, and while it will not offer warmth in cold temperatures, it will give you a comfortable grip, even when wet. Besides these good features, it is popular in the pocket-knife industry because it is affordable.

Notable Mentions from Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance’s line of CPM S35VN Pocket Knives has great products ideal for portability, excellent grip, and ease of use. The most notable ones include:

  • Zero Tolerance 0450CF

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This is a small pocket knife ideal for easy portability. However, its small stature does not make it any less sophisticated and elegant in visuals. It promises durability from the tip to the handle. The handle is made of carbon fiber, with DLC-coated titanium back. Also, the blade is DLC-coated to enhance performance and visuals. The eye-catching detail of emerald green anodized aluminum tube spacers offer great contrast against all the black. The design features a secure frame lock and KVT ball-bearing system that enhances the smoothness of opening and closing. It also accommodates both left and right-handed people.

  • Zero Tolerance 0095BW

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For dramatic looks, the 0095BW will not disappoint. This top-performing pocket knife features a reliable edge and durable titanium handle. The handle features wide, contoured chamfers to enhance grip, should you find yourself needing to cut something underwater. The design also has a secure frame lock for safety. The frame lock has a hardened lock bar to secure the blade during use properly. The KVT ball-bearing opening system with a reversible pocket clip allows quick and easy opening for left and right-handed use. For a lovely finishing touch, you will notice a two-toned pivot; functional and eye-catching.

  • Zero Tolerance 0566CF

Shop ZT 0566CF

Rugged and precise are just some of the words you can use to describe this intricately designed pocket knife. The blade offers excellent edge retention. The handle is a carbon-fiber front with stonewash steel back. This gives the pocket knife an excellent grip and resistance against impact. The design of the pocket knife features SpeedSafe® assisted opening for easy and quick opening. The mechanism also includes a lock bar stabilizer that provides a secure lockup. This plus the quad-mount, deep-carry pocket clip guarantees safe carrying in any pocket and angle.

  • Zero Tolerance 0770CF

Shop ZT 0700CF

This functional pocket knife has an intricate design based on the award-winning and limited edition Zero Tolerance 0777 knife. It possesses all the great qualities, and with the plus of being widely available. Also, it is smaller and more streamlined, making it favorable for portability. As for performance, expect a sharp edge that will stay that way over time. Also, the blade has a stonewash finish that ensures it ages beautifully, hiding scratches and scuff marks. The handle is made from carbon fiber, guaranteeing a lightweight feel and durable grip. Thanks to SpeedSafe® assisted opening and an in-built flipper; you can enjoy the convenience of easy opening. The deep-carry pocket clip ensures a safe carry at any angle. Lastly, you will love the touch of class brought by the alluring oversized pivot.

  • Zero Tolerance 0460

Shop ZT 0460

The design of the 0460 is based on custom designer Dmitry Sinkevich’s design of the Zero Tolerance 0450CF. It features a little more curve and heftiness to feel comfortable in hand. The blade offers enhanced toughness, with a two-tone stonewashed finish to enhance visuals. The handle is a strong blend of carbon fiber and titanium, featuring a pronounced ergonomic curve. Combining these two features gives you a comfortable grip that fits into the hollow of the hand effortlessly. The design also features a titanium frame lock with a hardened steel lock bar insert. Thanks to the black Teflon®-coated pocket clip, you can carry the pocket knife comfortably and free from potential accidents.

  • Zero Tolerance 0801TI

Shop ZT 0801TI

Lastly comes this modern pocket knife with alluring looks and high functionality. The blade has an attractive stonewash finish that enhances beautiful aging while maintaining its sharp edge. It also has excellent wear resistance. As for the handle, it is made of titanium with a bead-blasted finish that enhances grip while giving it attractive visuals. The sturdy frame lock has a hardened steel lock bar insert for boosted functionality. This pocket knife opens manually with the aid of a KVT opening system and flipper. Expect convenience in pocket carry thanks to the black Teflon®-coated clip, which is also reversible to accommodate both hands.

The Bottom Line

For something truly remarkable in design and functionality, look to the line of Zero Tolerance CPM S35VN pocket knives. Any of these pocket knives promises to be different and, in a word, precise. The careful formulation of the blade makes them attractive and the best for those looking for a reliable pocket knife, ideal for any situation. With one of these beauties, you could comfortably go on camping trips and other outdoor activities, ready to brace sticky situations requiring a trusty blade.

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