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Zero Tolerance 0762 Product Review

Zero Tolerance 0762 Product Review

Zero Tolerance 0762 on Amazon


Zero Tolerance is a champion maker of knives. This brand has been in business for years producing various models of pocket knives. One such model is the new Zero Tolerance 0762 pocket knife. It has been in circulation since April of 2021 and has already made a name for itself in the market.

This trusty pocket knife can do just about anything. But its design focuses on convenience for the client. What’s more, the pairing of key features makes it ideal for multiple purposes. This lifelong companion has a lot to offer; keep scrolling to learn its key features, strengths, weaknesses, and best applications.

Description and Overall Look

At first glance, you will notice that this knife is smooth, sleek, with a vibrant finish. This is thanks to first, the combination of materials that create this knife’s admirable aesthetics. The handle is carbon fiber in a pattern of black scales. Blue hardware on the pocket clip and frame lock complement the black finish.

The blade has a two-tone satin and stonewashed finish that makes it look alluring and almost glistening in the right light. The various parts hold together thanks to the ceramic bead-blasted nuts and screws that perfectly blend with the aesthetics of the knife. Overall, it is lightweight, attractive, and functional.

In-Depth Analysis of Key Features

If you came for the overall exterior look, then you should stay for the excellent features. The pocket knife features stay true to the Zero Tolerance guarantee propelling it forward as one of the best pocket knives of this year. Below is a comprehensive analysis of the key features of this knife to show you how it differs from the others. Additionally, it could help you determine if this is the pocket knife for you.

Manual Folding

The knife has a manual folding mechanism with a KVT ball-bearing system, plus a flipper. Zero Tolerance has multiple folding mechanisms for different models. The KVT ball-bearing system is one such mechanism.

This action relies on a ring of secured ball-bearings all around the knife’s pivot. These bearings enable the blade to move out of the handle smoothly and quickly. This mechanism is almost as fast as assisted opening.

Another form of manual opening that Zero Tolerance uses on pocket knives is washers. In this case, there are no ball-bearings, nor torsion bars, or springs. Instead, the folders have washers to create a simple pivot system complimented with either a nail nick, thumb stud, or flipper.

Between the two, the KVT ball-bearing mechanism is the best for manual folding mechanisms. The assisted opening mechanism by Zero Tolerance relies on a torsion bar. Then, the knife releases the blade through a manual push of the thumb stud or pulling back on the flipper.

Because it also has a flipper, the 0762 model opens quickly and safely. All you have to do is hold the knife in one hand and naturally allow the butt end to rest in your palm firmly. Then you can use your index finger to push down on the highest point of the flipper. The blade quickly moves out, letting your hand naturally rest on the handle.

Shop Zero Tolerance 0762 on Amazon


CPM 20CV Steel Blade

Next is the blade of the knife. The 0762 model comes with a CPM 20CV steel blade. CPM 20CV is steel made by Crucible. It is a strong steel that will give you excellent resistance to wearing and corrosion. It is also incredibly tough.

The steel’s components feature chromium, carbon, vanadium, tungsten, and molybdenum. Therefore, the blade offers excellent balance thanks to a combination of vanadium (which offers edge retention) and a significant percentage of chromium.

A combination of carbides in the steel provides the blade with excellent toughness but with limitations in resisting breakage. However, it remains tough enough for many outdoor uses.

As for edge retention, expect nothing but a long-lasting edge. This steel is one of the champions in maintaining an edge. It is thanks to the high amounts of vanadium in the steel. Combined with molybdenum, the blade has the necessary strength to hold an edge for a long time.

Additionally, you do not have to worry about corrosion because this steel is the best corrosion-resistant steel for pocket knives today. The high content of chromium with molybdenum gives it that long-lasting resistance.

Chromium forms a protective film of chromium oxide, and this helps to repel stains and rust. Molybdenum, on the other hand, gives the steel more strength to resist corrosion. If corrosion is a concern for you, then you will enjoy this premium resistance.

On the Rockwell Hardness Scale, the blade rates 59-61 HRC. This is a desirable sweet spot for pocket knives. This range ensures that the blade is hard enough to take impact but retains an edge better than harder steel.

Carbon Fiber Handle

Next, it is vital to recognize the carbon fiber handle in patterned scales. This is one of the attractive features of this knife because carbon fiber has many strengths compared to other knife handle materials.

Carbon fiber is a woven material manufactured by weaving together strands of carbon fiber then setting them in epoxy resin. The result is a lustrous, beautiful, and robust material, which is now a popular material for making knife handles.

Carbon fiber is extremely lightweight, unlike metal materials such as aluminum. Therefore, it does not overbear, which is the ideal characteristic of a pocketknife. Additionally, since it is non-metallic, this material is entirely resistant to rust and corrosion. This is a huge advantage that secures knife use in moist and humid environments.

Because the material is woven together then set in resin, you can expect great strength; it is almost as strong as steel. Unfortunately, it can also turn brittle as the weave is not strongest in the opposite direction. Carbon fiber starts to unravel when you stress it away from the weave pattern or in other directions. This means that encounters with sharp impacts could damage the handle.

Still, this carbon fiber handle gives the knife a unique look and feel. It has an excellent grip, better than that of metal, especially when wet. Additionally, it is attractive and promises to age well.

Sub-Frame Lock

The blade lock type is the sub-frame lock. This locking mechanism is present on most Zero Tolerance models, and the 0762 is no different. Similarly, the locking mechanism is also present in competitor pocket knives by Kershaw.

The frame locking mechanism sees a detent ball engaging with a hole in the base of the blade to keep it closed. This design also provides tension for a quick and snappy release. The knife will also have a stop pin attached above and in front of the pivot to locate the end of the blade when open. Additionally, it also prevents wearing on the lock bar.

The sub-frame lock is a patent variation of this. It is an inverted liner lock with a thin scale and thick frame below it. You get access to the lock by a cutout in the scale. This design is quite effective in preventing injuries among uses.

Frame locks are often very strong, with simple construction. Because there are fewer parts, they last longer and require little maintenance. This means fewer chances of getting stuck or failing after extended use.

Shop Zero Tolerance 0762 on Amazon


 Blade Length and Style

The model has a blade length of 3.4 inches, approximately 8.6 centimeters. This blade, therefore, rests on the scale of medium blades; 2.75 inches to 4 inches. The best pocket knives usually fall into this range.

It has the advantage of ease in portability and will handle a wider range of tasks. Therefore, the knife can handle small to heavy-duty tasks. On the other hand, the blade style of the knife is reverse tanto. This style features sharp angling down to the blade. This allows you to carry the knife for everyday purposes.

This blade style boasts a couple of advantages. For starters, the blade has more steel at the back of the tip. You will notice that the blade bulks as it tapers off. This makes the knife ideal for piercing tougher materials like wood.

Secondly, the sharp angles create a triangle which is one of the strongest shapes for situations that require endurance. This protects the blade from cracking and breaking easily. Therefore, this knife is far more versatile and will serve you for activities beyond cutting.

Reversible Pocket Clip

A pocket clip is an important part of a portable knife. It allows you to carry the knife safely in your pocket, away from other items. The clip attaches to your pocket opening, concealing the knife in the pocket while granting you easy access.

There are different types of pocket clips, including regular, deep carry, short deep carry, carabiner, milled, and deep wire. However, the 0762 model sports a regular pocket clip with reversible action.

The regular pocket clip will give you access to the knife while it is in the pocket. This clip puts the knife a little higher out of the pocket for quicker access. Additionally, it allows you to carry it in any pocket for the convenience of access with your dominant hand.

The reversible mechanism allows you to carry the knife tip-up or tip down. Tip-up puts the knife in a natural position of use for convenience. This is a great option that allows easy access in various situations when you need it.

On the other hand, tip-down allows you to carry the knife discreetly and in a non-threatening way. Tip down is also a legal requirement in some places. Tip down also secures the knife in vigorous movements such as running or jogging.  The beauty of this clip is choice, to best suit your needs at the time.

Final Thought

This knife is one of the best pocket knives in the market. What the blade lacks in resistance to breaking, it makes up for in blade style, making it one of the most solid and resilient blades for pocket knives.

With the reversible carrying clip, you have the opportunity to use this knife anywhere successfully. Whether on a fishing trip to de-scale fish, or outdoor adventure to mark your trail or cut a rope.

The versatility of this knife makes it ideal for anyone who loves convenience. The only shortcoming may be the price, as many people do not see it as an investment. However, considering the quality and durability Zero Tolerance guarantees, it is worth every shiny penny.

Shop Zero Tolerance 0762 on Amazon


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