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Zero Tolerance 0990 Pocket Knife Review

Zero Tolerance 0990 Pocket Knife Review

From Zero tolerance comes this beautiful knife. Its attractive design is based on the award-winning 0990 model.

The limited-edition 0990 model made headlines as one of the best flipper knives in the market. Therefore, it came as no surprise that the designers came up with the 0990 model.

It is a close replica of 0990, boasting unique features and functionally. However, will it impress just the same? Perhaps more?

Keep scrolling to get a detailed and honest review of the Zero Tolerance 0990 pocket knife.

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The Zero Tolerance 0990 Model

The predecessor of the 0990 model was one of a kind. It was a limited edition knife that sought to challenge the assumptions about pocket knives.

Zero Tolerance innovated the 0990 model by combining two types of steel with carbon fiber accents. The blade had CTS-204P on the cutting edge. Additionally, it has carbon fiber and CPM-D2 on the upper blade.

The design also saw a blade cutout that held a carbon fiber insert giving it a skeletal appearance. It also had cutouts to enhance this look.

Furthermore, the 0990 model has a carbon fiber handle with titanium overlays for a comfortable grip in different conditions.

There was high demand for the knife, and it sold out almost immediately, with suppliers limiting orders to one per customer.

And so Zero Tolerance came up with a good design that mimicked this best-seller, the 0990 model.

Basic Description of the 0990 Model

The first thing you will notice about the 0990 model is a skeletonized structure. It looks and feels lightweight, making it ideal for transportation.

The skeleton structure makes most people nervous. After all, it may not look like a robust knife at first glance.

However, you can rest assured that this knife provides excellent resistance and strength. And it is thanks to the durable steel construction.

The steel body and blade give this knife enough strength and resistance to handle daily tasks. Additionally, it is suitable for the demands of outdoor adventure.

On the handle, you will notice a smooth, ergonomic design featuring carbon fiber scales. The structure makes it great for regular use.

The carbon fiber scales enhance the grip and make it look better.

And speaking of looks, each 0990 model has a Zero Tolerance logo embossing on the backspacer. A true mark of quality.

The knife has a spear point CPM 20CV blade with a plain blade edge. It boasts excellent edge retention.

This handy flipper knife opens thanks to manual KVT ball bearings. Additionally, it has an insert liner lock and a reversible deep-carry pocket clip.

Overall, this is a reliable and safe pocket knife ideal for everyday use.

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Key Features

Now, onto the key features of the blade to help you determine if this is the blade for you.


The 0990 model has a CPM 20CV. This blade is quite popular in the market. Many pocket knives sport this steel blade.

The CPM 20CV is a Crucible product. It is an excellent brand that has been in business for generations. They manufacture many blades for the best pocket knives.

The CPM 20CV is tough steel, ideal for premium knives such as this one. It has a high composition of vanadium, chromium, and carbon.

Taking a deep dive into the chemical composition of the blade, you will find:

  • 20% Chromium. The high composition of chromium is ideal for the tensile strength of the blade. It promises excellent resistance under pressure. Additionally, chromium enhances corrosion and wear resistance. This makes it suitable for longevity, outdoor use, and all-weather utility.
  • 4% Vanadium. Vanadium improves the wear resistance of the blade. Additionally, it significantly hardens the steel.
  • 9% Carbon. Carbon helps to improve the hardness of the blade. Additionally, it is ideal for wear and corrosion resistance. Because the carbon is not in high amounts, it does not reduce the strength of the blade.
  • 6% Tungsten. Tungsten improves the hardness of the blade. It also enhances its wear resistance.

With this chemical composition, it is safe to say that the CPM 20CV blade is premium steel. It even scores 58 HRC on the Rockwell Hardness scale.

This is a great number because it offers excellent edge retention above all, an easy 9/10, which is a good thing since the steel is harder to sharpen thanks to the natural toughness.

Yes, sharpening will be hard but an occasional activity. As for corrosion resistance, it has one of the best in the 2021 market.

We believe that edge retention and hardness are the main attractive features of a pocket knife. The CPM CV20 performs excellently, proving its worthiness as an everyday blade.

It is also important to note the shape of the blade and how it enhances functionality. The 0990 model has a spear point blade. The shape features a tip that perfectly lines up with the blade’s center.

This makes it ideal for stabbing or piercing effortlessly. You can also use it to drill holes and even unscrew screws. A perfect outdoor activity blade!

It can also slice, though it is not the best shape for cutting and slicing. Still, the toughness and edge retention enhance the knife’s cutting ability.

And finally, the 0990 model has a plain edge blade. It is one continuous sharp edge that is ideal for EDC.

It allows you to apply steady and robust pressure effortlessly.

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When it comes to purchasing a pocket knife, the type of material on the handle is just as important as the blade.

Knives with carbon fiber martial or scales on the handle are increasingly popular. And it is with good reason.

The 0990 model sports a skeletonized handle featuring steel parts and carbon fiber scales; the window cutouts give the skeleton-like structure while the scales fall in the sides.

We believe that this is a solid and comfortable handle for everyday use. For starters, it has a unique look.

Skeletonized handles create a minimalist look. Therefore, this knife is ideal for minimalists. But anyone could enjoy the lightweight design of the handle.

The shape of the handle gives you a comfortable natural feel when cutting, slicing, and piercing. You can use it every day without worrying about discomfort or cramping.

As for the material, we love the carbon fiber handle because of the strength and toughness it possesses. It perfectly complements the blade and blends into the structure of the knife.

Carbon fiber is extremely lightweight. It enhances the lightweight characteristic of the knife. Carrying this knife will feel effortless.

Additionally, carbon fiber is one of the toughest artificial substances. Because of its woven structure, carbon fiber can easily withstand pressure without flexing or breaking.

Therefore, it is reasonable that carbon fiber is a crucial material in the aerospace industry, medical industry, high-end auto industry, computer parts industry, and even bicycle parts.

Therefore, it can withstand the daily wear of a pocket knife easily. Moreover, the toughness makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking.

Similarly, carbon fiber gives you an excellent grip. This durable material rests nicely on the hands, with no issues of slipping.

And because it is waterproof, you can enjoy effortless use even when it’s wet.

Additionally, the carbon fiber scales give the knife handle a beautiful look. The fibers reflect light, so the knife has a stunning decorative look.

Light reflection also makes it easy to identify the knife when it falls into the water. You will have the trusty tool back at your side.

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Pocket Clip

The 0990 model has a reversible deep-carry pocket clip. This is advantageous because a deep-carry clip keeps the knife secure.

Deep-carry lets the knife sit securely and deeper into the pocket. This is ideal for anyone worried about a pocket knife slipping out of the pocket unknowingly.

Additionally, it stops you from drawing unnecessary attention.

Reversibility gives you the option of tip-up or tip-down. The tip-up is a standard carry for many people.

It has the advantage of easy opening by putting the knife in a natural position for opening. Tip down puts the knife in a more natural position in the hand after you remove it from the pocket.

The joy of the 0990 model is that you can reverse the clip for either option. It suits your needs and the situation.

Opening Action

The 0990 has a flipper opening mechanism. The flipper is one of the best manual opening mechanisms in the market.

The flipper of the 0990 is on the opposite side of the knife. It creates a leverage closer to the knife’s pivot.

This gives you a smoother and faster opening action.

Additionally, this knife relies on KVT ball bearings. It is an original system by Zero Tolerance that puts their knives above others.

The caged ball bearings are on the knife’s pivot. This helps the blade release smoothly out of the handle.

This system makes it easy to open the manual 0990 knives, almost as swift as knives with assisted opening.

Final Thought

In conclusion, we believe that the Zero Tolerance 0990 is a close replacement of the 0999.

For those unable to get the award-winning model, the 0990 promises durability and long-term partnership.

We especially love the lightweight nature of the knife. This, coupled with excellent edge retention, makes it ideal for any situation.

Whether you need help opening boxes or need to sharpen a stick for hunting and fishing needs, the Zero Tolerance 0990 model will not disappoint.

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