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Benchmade 5370FE Shootout Pocket Knife Review

Benchmade 5370FE Shootout Pocket Knife Review

It can be hard to find an everyday carry pocket knife that can double as a good survival knife. There aren’t many reliable, durable, and long-lasting options. Fortunately, the Benchmade 5370FE Shootout double action pocket knife is one of the rare ones. 

And why is that? The knife was primarily designed to be an everyday carry that can hold its own outdoors, similar to other Benchmade knives. Many of the features in this product’s design and construction make it a convenient everyday carry that’s easy to use outdoors and indoors. 

Its automatic out-the-front opening feature, ergonomic design, and compact size help make it the ideal everyday carry pocket knife. 

So, if you are searching for a pocket knife that you can carry every day and flexibly meet the demands of the wild, then the Benchmade 5370FE Shootout is what you need. 

The information below shows you why the Benchmade 5370FE Shootout is an excellent everyday carry pocket knife. It will highlight key features and strengths.

But first, let’s explore some of the characteristics of a great outdoor pocket knife. 

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Qualities of a Good Outdoor Pocket Knife 

There are a couple of things you need to look for when considering the purchase of a good everyday carry outdoor pocket knife. Some of the characteristics of a great product include;

Blade Metal

The kind of metal used to manufacture the blade will help determine how good the knife is. Most enthusiasts even consider the most critical aspect. 

If you want an everyday pocket knife that’s effective in indoor and outdoor environments, you need one with a blade that is durable, tough, and relatively easy to use. It lets the knife handle the outdoor demands, including fishing, hunting, and camping. 

Get a blade that won’t present problems cutting, piercing, and slicing different materials. Stainless steel and carbon steel are common materials manufacturers use to craft high-quality outdoor blades. 

Carbon and stainless steel build flexible, solid, and agile blades that incredibly maintain their edges. Furthermore, these metals are also incredibly robust, durable and provide outstanding resistance to pressure and overall knife impact. 

Lastly, these metal materials easily resist corrosion and rust, which is ideal for something that might spend a lot of its time outdoors. 

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Handle Material 

When dealing with knives, you should generally look for a knife with a firm, comfortable grip. It doesn’t matter what kind of knife you’re looking for, but it’s more important if you intend to use it outdoors. Plus, the knife’s handle determines whether it’ll be easy to use. 

A rough handle can be more rigid than its smooth counterparts. Ensure you’re getting a knife with a handle that has a natural feel and provides a firm and comfortable grip when you need to cut, slice and pierce things. The handle material will determine overall functionality.

Go for a material that will offer a sturdy and comfortable grip regardless of the weather. This is critical if you intend to use your pocket knife for outdoor adventures. 

Benchmade’s new CF Elite material (the material on the Benchmade 5370FE Shootout) is a carbon-reinforced nylon polymer component. Experts say it is 50% stronger and 17% lighter than Grivory nylon, the material used in previous Benchmade pocket knife models.

G10 material is also dominant because of how highly resilient it is and the comfortable grip it provides. The carbon fiber material is equally as popular because it has water-resistant capabilities, an ideal feature for outdoor knives. 

Type of Edges 

Most everyday pocket knives have a plain edge blade, but some have serrated edges. Pocket knives with serrated edges cut like saws and aren’t the most ideal as an everyday carry option. 

Many outdoors enthusiasts prefer serrated-edged blades because they are better for utility and survival. This kind of blade is better for cutting ropes and wood. 

However, if you’re looking for an everyday carry option, you should look for a plain edge blade. A plain edge blade loses its edge faster than the serrated one, but it’s better at providing cleaner cuts and slices. 

Lastly, it is easier to sharpen a blade with a plain edge, which is what you want with an everyday carry pocket knife. Since you’ll have it with you at all times, you want a tool that is relatively easy to sharpen. 

Overall, a plain edge means easier maintenance, better edge retention, plus cleaner cuts and slices. 


Every day carry pocket knives should be practically sized. The blade on such knives should be shorter than five inches. You don’t want something that will prove cumbersome to conceal or illegal in your state. 

With tactical everyday carry knives, you should focus on a blade that can pierce through rigid materials without breaking rather than something good at cutting and slicing. Aim for a blade that’s around 4 to 6 inches long. 

Scale Material 

If you’re using the knife regularly outdoors, think about the scale materials used to manufacture the handle. It is a critical aspect for survival knives but not as critical everyday carry pocket knives. With that said, it never hurts to put this into consideration. 

The scale material you’ll commonly find on knife handles includes rubber, wood, plastic, and micarta canvas. 

Rubber and wood have several good attributes making both common options. However, G10 and micarta are typically found on high-end survival knives. 

In the case of the Benchmade 5370FE Shootout, we have the company’s proprietary CF Elite material, a carbon-reinforced nylon polymer component that is 50% stronger and 17% lighter than the Grivory nylon material. 

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Benchmade 5370FE Shootout Review

If you’re in the security industry or need protection regularly, you probably know how important it is to have an everyday carry on your person. Sometimes these knives can be the difference between life and death. 

The Benchmade 5370FE Shootout is an out-the-front automatic, double-action everyday pocket knife with a 3.5-inch CPM-CruWear Flat Earth PVD-coated stainless steel blade. This blade provides the user with high durability and strength for all cutting and slicing tasks. 

The handle is made of the company’s new CF-Elite material, which provides the user with excellent grip texture and offers better control and faster indexing in high-pressure situations. A reversible pocket clip and carbide glass breaker round out this dependable and versatile pocket knife.

Blade Style:

The Benchmade 5370FE Shootout has a 3.5-inch tanto-style CPM-CruWear stainless steel blade coated with Flat Earth PVD. This compact, short blade provides the user with excellent maneuverability and versatility, ideal for tactical purposes. 

CPM-CruWear material is air-hardened steel which has better tempering capabilities than D2 stainless steel and has high levels of machinability.

Knifemakers like this because enhanced tempering results in blades that can adopt surface treatments better. It is a huge reason why this metal is so prevalent in outdoor knives. 

One of the main benefits of tanto knife blades is their strong tip shapes designed to puncture tough materials and withstand the intense pressure without breaking. It is what makes this knife such an excellent tactical everyday carry. 

The reversible tip-down feature helps make the knife more ergonomic and easier to carry, resulting in the perfect tactical everyday carry knife option. It pulls out of the pocket, ready for action.

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Nowadays, everyday carry pocket knives are all about functionality rather than form factor. This is where the Benchmade 5370FE Shootout shines brightest. Even though it doesn’t have an enormous price tag in the game, it has a high-end, pricey feel.

Most people would rather have a knife handle made or micarta canvas or G10 material. These materials provide the user with enhanced resiliency and a comfortable grip regardless of the weather. 

While these materials serve survival knives practically, there are more affordable and equally durable for everyday carry tactical pocket knives. It is probably why Benchmade went with its new CF-Elite material.

It is 50% stronger and 17% lighter than the Grivory nylon material used in previous Benchmade pocket knife models. The CF-Elite is better suited for tactical everyday carry options precisely because of its incredibly lightweight, allowing the user an effortless feel. 

Deep Carry Clip:

The deep carry clip feature is ideal for people who intend to use their everyday carry pocket knives for tactical purposes. Such people prefer the deep clip because it is the best way to secure the knife.

A deep carry clip allows the user to sit the pocket knife deeper in their pocket, exposing very little of the knife itself. 

In addition, if you constantly worry about whether your pocket knife will easily slip out of your pocket without your knowledge, deep carry helps. It is also good to avoid drawing any unnecessary attention. It is often ideal for carrying the knife in public, so the Benchmade 5370FE Shootout pocket knife proves worthy again. 

Final Thoughts

A huge reason why most people go for the Benchmade 5370FE Shootout is because of its 3.5-inch tanto-style CPM-CruWear stainless steel blade coated with Flat Earth PVD. It’s safe to say this is the best thing about this pocket knife. 

However, there’s more. Its reversible pocket clip and carbide glass breaker add to its dependability and versatility, making it a fantastic multi-tool. 

Benchmade’s new CF-Elite handle is another exciting feature that makes the pocket knife even more appealing. So. If you’re looking for a great everyday carry pocket knife made by a top-notch knife manufacturer, then the Benchmade 5370FE is a buy you won’t regret. 

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B.W. - September 28, 2023

Benchmade 5370FE is garbage. Anyone who thinks this is a quality knife has not carried many knifes. Parts are loose, plastic is cheap, gritty mechanism. $300???? no way – maybe $25. I told my company to start buying Buck instead.

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