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Benchmade 9070BK-1 CLAYMORE™ Pocket Knife Review

The Benchmade 9070BK-1 Claymore is solid proof that Benchmade is dedicated to serving their consumers. Unlike other companies, Benchmade listened to the requests of their consumers following the release of the Claymore™.

The Claymore has all the features of a good pocket knife for EDC. It also comes with a serrated edge which many outdoor enthusiasts find appealing and tailored to their needs. And for those who loved everything about the knife except the edge, Benchmade listened to their concerns and quickly followed with this variation, the 9070BK-1.

It is rarely a bad sign when companies listen to customer requests. After all, the customer is always right. Rarely do we see companies tailgating a product launch based on customers' opinion on the first product, despite its success.

So, Benchmade has undoubtedly made an impact, and we are here to review it. Was the launch of the plain edge variation of the Claymore worth it? We will tell you by the end of this article. But first, allow us to introduce the Benchmade 9070BK-1 CLAYMORE

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Features of the Benchmade 9070BK-1 CLAYMORE

The 9070BK-1 CLAYMORE is a 3.50oz knife with a blade that stretches to 3.60". It is a light pocket knife with a well-sized blade. And as mentioned, it is a plain drop point blade with a cobalt black finish. It is a great look that moves away from the shiny finishes of most steel blades.

And speaking of steel, the 9070BK-1 CLAYMORE blade is made from a D2 steel variant, CPM-D2. The handle boasts a partially dotty textured grivory material, with a deep carry reversible tip-up pocket clip fastened at the end.

It has a lanyard hole and push-button for assisted and quick opening. The dark olive green handle blends beautifully with the cobalt finish on the blade. Overall, it has excellent visuals. Benchmade stands by the ultralight construction, making it an ideal knife for EDC and casual carry.

What We Love About The Benchmade 9070BK-1 CLAYMORE

The edge retaining blade

It would be a crime not to recognize the hard work Benchmade put into the blade of the 9070BK-1 CLAYMORE. This blade is constructed from CPM-D2, a variant of D2 steel with excellent edge retention. How do we know? Its chemical composition and HRC score should tell you everything.

The chemical composition makes the steel rich in carbon and carbides, which is great for edge retention. The blade has a 60-62 HRC score, meaning it will hold an edge better than most knives.

This notable feature is excellent for pocket knives because sharpening a knife is never on daily carriers' to-do lists. Users want a knife they can rely on, whether they use it daily or once every month. Sharpness is a must-have feature, and this knife certainly delivers.

The long-lasting and highly resistant handle

The handle of the 9070BK-1 CLAYMORE is rugged Grivory with a dotty texture. Grivory is a new knife handle material. Manufacturers make it through injection molding, giving it a semi-crystalline structure.

This structure makes it highly resistant to impact and pressure. This handle is one of the toughest in the market, even though it does not have many reviews on use and feel.

Additionally, because it is a thermoplastic polymer, it is also resistant to water and other elements. You can confidently use it in any weather.

The partially texturized part of the handle also gives it an excellent grip. It will allow you to use the knife for more powerful actions without slipping out of your hand.

The deep carry reversible pocket clip

Deep carrying is the only way to go for many professional knife carriers. A deep carry pocket clip offers more versatility and security when carrying your knife. The clip makes the knife sit deeper in your pocket.

It exposes a bit of the knife, which is how most people like it. If you are worried about the knife slipping out of your pocket, the 9070BK-1 CLAYMORE is ideal for you. Similarly, this is an excellent option if you don't want your knife to draw attention.

The ultra-light construction

The 9070BK-1 CLAYMORE boasts an ultra-light construction ideal for everyday carrying. It helps to have a knife you can carry comfortably in your pocket without weighing you down. It is beneficial for new carriers.

If you are not used to carrying a pocket knife, this would be a great place to start. Most tactical knives are heavy, so they can be challenging to carry. But this knife is a breezy option that even knife enthusiasts will agree is practical.

The drop point plain edge blade

The drop point blade style is best for hunting knives. Many hunters swear by this knife because of its versatility. It is ideal for various uses, including cutting, chopping, and stabbing. This knife will have your back in the wilderness. While this knife is marketed as an EDC carry, we believe this feature makes it ideal for outdoor adventure.

The plain edge variation also brings a lot of options to the table. They serve a broader purpose for outdoor, and EDC uses. When you think of using a knife, you want steady and strong pressure, which is what a plain edge does for you.

The assisted button-push opening

The push-button lock is one of the best things about this knife. The assisted opening lets users close and open the knife using one hand. You just press the button, and you can quickly lock and unlock the knife by pressing the button.

A one-handed opening is beneficial in situations where your other hand is engaged. It is also ideal for self-defense situations. With one swift motion, you are ready to defend yourself. The 9070BK-1 CLAYMORE proves itself as a tactical knife because of this feature.

The practical knife handle length

The length of the knife handle is also ideal for tactical uses. A good pocket knife for EDC and tactical use needs a good handle with a usable length. It prevents it from slipping from your hand as you're using it.

The length of the handle stands at approximately 5.00", offering enough space to envelop your hand, leaving minimal gaps for a tight grip. The size secures your grip, allowing better chopping, and stabbing power for practical non-frustrating use.

The alluring and non-distracting visuals

And finally, we love the color of this knife. The green handle against the cobalt black finish is attractive but not overwhelming. It is the type of color combination that makes your knife easily recognizable.

However, it is not too eye-catching that it draws unwanted attention. You can find it when you drop it in water, but most people won't be able to tell what you are carrying when it's peeking from your pocket.

Also Available at: BenchmadeKnifecenterKnifeworks

What Could Use Improving in The Benchmade 9070BK-1 CLAYMORE

The cheap feel of the handle

If knife enthusiasts have made something clear, it is that they love handles with a solid feel. Being lightweight is good, but a solid feel makes the knife more enjoyable. Additionally, they want a handle that looks and feels good.

Because grivory is a thermoplastic polymer, it has a plastic-like feel. Sadly, these types of handles present as the best options, only that they have a cheap feel which is often a deal-breaker for most users.

Additionally, textured grivory is more expensive than plain variants. Most enthusiasts would rather pay a little more to get a knife with a G-10 or micarta handle.

The corrosion resistance of the blade

CPM-D2 is good steel with excellent edge retention. However, it is not stainless steel, meaning that it is prone to corrosion. Yes, without proper care, this knife will likely develop rust after exposure to moisture.

A rusty knife is not something you want to walk around with since it poses many dangers. For example, you could contaminate your food if you use it to scale fish or prepare food during camping trips.

We agree that stainless steel is a good option for knife blades. They last longer, and you don't have to worry about corrosion. Therefore, CPM-D2 is a good choice for edge retention but a mistake for corrosion.

The blade's brittleness

And lastly, this is another problem with steel. The problem with strong steel that can retain an edge well thanks to carbon and carbides is that they are not tough and easily brittle. The right amount of impact will make the blade crack, if not shatter.

In an outdoor setting, this is highly disadvantageous. The demands of adventure could lead you into powerful strikes, the same with tactical purposes. Your blade could crack or chip, and you will need replacing quicker.

For minimal EDC uses, this blade proves useful and versatile. But it may not be the best option for outdoor and tactical needs. You will likely need a primary knife to handle these tasks and instead keep the Claymore as a substitute.

Was The Benchmade 9070BK-1 CLAYMORE Necessary?

Our final verdict is yes; the 9070BK-1 CLAYMORE was a necessary variant that will impress knife enthusiasts. While this knife may not possess its predecessor's tactical and full outdoor functions, it will help EDC users. Sometimes companies and designers do not have the whole vision. The Claymore was supposed to be a serrated edge, but users saw a future beyond this design. Benchmade listened, and it paid off. The plain edge variant will make users very happy.

 Also Available at: BenchmadeKnifecenterKnifeworks

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