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Gerber DoubleDown Pocket Knife Review

Gerber DoubleDown Pocket Knife Review

For many outdoor adventurers, finding the right blade is a matter of survival. The Gerber DoubleDown folding machete is your best option for the woods.

Camping is one of the most popular activities in the United States. However, not many campers have the right tools for explorations. The Gerber DoubleDown Pocket Knife might be the perfect knife to take on your trip.

Calling the Gerber DoubleDown a knife is probably wrong. You see, the DoubleDown is a crossover of a machete, knife, and the burly balisong. The proper term to use would be a folding machete. Interesting? Then you are sure to enjoy this detailed review.

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Gerber DoubleDown Description

The DoubleDown is one of the most versatile and unique machetes made for every-day-camping needs. Manufacturers are confident that the knife can handle anything you throw at it.

The folding machete is large and hefty enough to give you all the added benefits of a typical machete and knife. However, it is not just about the large size.

One look at the DoubleDown, and you can see the butterfly knife core design. Like other balisong knives, the Gerber DoubleDown is made to take up less space when you go outdoors. The folding mechanism on the DoubleDown gives it more functionality and compactness. Folding the knife allows for easy storage and carrying while camping.

Likewise, the DoubleDown's blade is more durable than other machetes or knives. The blade is made from high carbon stainless steel, making it sturdy and capable of taking a punch. Splitting wood or using a baton should not be a problem.

You can always enhance your camping kit's appearance with the DoubleDown. The Gerber folding machetes come in a variety of colors. However, the DoubleDown's black finish is the most exotic. The black blade and handle make the knife look more menacing while giving the blade added protection.

Get the best grip while cutting wood. The great handle on the Gerber DoubleDown gives you the best hold than other camping machetes. The polymer handle also provides better caution on our palms after strikes when chopping wood.

However, unlike other balisong knives built to do some tricks, the knife is different. The sizeable knife best works as a standard full-tang blade. The DoubleDown blade is made with safety as its core. The machete has a patented QuadLock system that engages, preventing you from cutting your fingers while folding the knife.

The DoubleDown is not demanding. The folding machete is easy to maintain and should not trouble you. Cleaning or sharpening the blade only takes a few minutes, and you are back to curving wood in no time.

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DoubleDown Specs

Type: American-made folding machete

Blade Type: 420 High Carbon (HC) Stainless Steel

Blade Length: 6.75 Inches

Blade Width: 1.50 Inches

Blade Thickness: 0.14 Inches

Blade Style: Recurve with a black oxide finish

Handle Length: 8.4 Inches

Handle Width: 1.75 Inches

Handle Thickness: 0.91 Inches

Closed Length: 9.5 Inches

Overall Length: 15.1 Inches

Weight: 18 oz

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Gerber DoubleDown Features


Blade Length:

There are a few advantages of having a long blade knife. The 6.5-inch-long blade on the DoubleDown is ideal for outdoor uses. Right away, the DoubleDown is perfect when you want to clear out bushes or vegetation to set up camp.

Blade Durability:

The DoubleDown's blade is also made from a durable material. The 420 HC stainless steel blade withstands substantial impacts. The blade is also less brittle, making it sturdy when splitting wood or batoning.

Likewise, the blade's stainless steel also gives it better resistance to wear and corrosion. The blade is made to take on harsh weather and drops without rusting or grazing over time.

Blade Coating:

If you are looking for an exciting new look, then the Gerber DoubleDown is the knife for you. The black oxide coating offers a visually-appealing finish to your blade, giving it a tactical look. The oxide takes on the sheen of the stainless steel, giving it a glossy black appearance that will stand out.

The oxide coating finish is not only for style but also crucial to protecting your blade. The DoubleDown coating improves your blade's corrosion resistance and reduces friction when carving or splitting wood.

Thirdly, the black oxide finish also gives the blade lower conductivity. This makes the knife less prone to conducting heat, which might reduce the lifespan of your blade.

Overstrike Guard:

You do not have to worry about your fingers. Another impressive feature of the DoubleDown blade is the overstrike guard.

The long guard provides the best protection for your fingers when striking or cutting down wood. The elevated edge of the guard locks your grip from any moment when using the folding machete.

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Handle Length:

The best handle length you need when camping– the 8.4-inch-long handle has everything you need in a knife/machete. With the elongated handle, you have better power and reach to clear foliage or branches on your path.

In addition, depending on your grip, you have more functionality for the DoubleDown. Choking the handle gives you better stability for cutting or carving wood. A more extended grip on the handles improves your stroking abilities when chopping wood or using a baton.

Handle Style:

As stated before, the DoubleDown is a crossover of a machete and a butterfly knife. The two folder handles on the knife not only look cool but also have some exciting functionality.

Unlike balisongs, the DoubleDown uses a gear system when folding. The gear system ensures that the upper and lower handles move simultaneously. This makes it impossible to do cool tricks, but it is probably best considering it is a folding machete.

Handle Material:

Concerning handle durability, you do not have to worry about the Gerber DoubleDown. The handle is made from glass-reinforced nylon (GRN) stainless steel.

Unlike rubber or wooden handles, the GRN handle was designed to increase your machete's lifespan. The DoubleDown handles are strong, resistant to chemical corrosion, and impact resistant.

In addition, the enhanced glass fiber handle also makes the handle resistant to high temperatures. The handle can deflect up to 170-500 degrees F heat when sitting around your campfire.

The reinforced stainless-steel liner is also an excellent addition to the handle. The liner gives the handle more stability when chopping or batoning.

Handle Grip:

Not all machete handles give you the type of grip you need when batoning. However, the Gerber DoubleDown handle is designed to provide a comfortable grip.

No one ever thinks about ergonometric unless you are talking about tech. The grip handle on the DoubleDown is meant to fit directly into your hand. The ergonometric handles prevent work-related injuries, fatigue, or strain when chopping wood.

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QuadLock System

Four Lock Mechanism:

Another great feature of the Gerber DoubleDown is the unique QuadLock System. The lock system is designed to give you better protection. The four locking levels need to be pressed simultaneously when closing the machete. Without engaging all levels simultaneously, the knife will not fold.

Half Fold Stop:

In addition to the four levels on the handle, the DoubleDown also has a half-fold stop. The stop prevents the handle from fully closing and gives you time to get your fingers out of the way. Folding the DoubleDown requires always keeping your attention on the knife.

Handle Locking Bar:

Another added precaution on the knife is the reinforced stainless steel locking bar. The grooved bar is located at the back of the handles and prevents them from moving. The ball lock on the bar tightly fits into the handles lock gorge, making it sturdier and more stable.

Baton Jimping

Batoning with the DoubleDown should not be a problem. Another fantastic feature of the DoubleDown is the baton jimping. The blade's spine has serrated grooves that provide traction when batoning.

Ballistic Nylon Sheath

Storing the knife should not be an issue. The folding machete comes with a ballistic nylon sheath. The sheath is made from highly durable material resistant to light impact and harsh weather. Furthermore, the sheath can be easily packed on your belt, backpack, or MOLLE.

Recommended Use for The DoubleDown


Unlike other machetes, the DoubleDown has a thick blade that makes it ideal for chopping wood. However, to start chopping, you need to hold the machete as far away from the blade as possible. The increased handle length gives your better force when slashing through the wood.


The all-in-one folding machete is also suitable for cutting and carving wood. The Gerber DoubleDown comes in handy when you want to create hunting spears and other tools.

If you need to carve or cut wood, just choke up the handle, and you are good to go. The ergonometric grip gives you better control when working on your wood piece.


Splitting wood using the folding Gerber DoubleDown is like using an axe. The baton jimping gives you better control as you strike the blade. In addition, the blade's sturdiness and stability make it ideal when getting hit with a baton.

In Conclusion

If you are thinking of getting an all-in-one knife for camping, then you should use the Gerber DoubleDown. The folding machete is not only durable but also offers different functionalities ideal for outdoor needs.

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