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Gerber Pledge Omni 30-001883 Pocket Knife Review

The conversation on outdoor knives is elaborate. That is why knife enthusiasts appreciate detailed scrutiny. Understanding the features of a knife is necessary to purchase a good tool.

The Gerber Pledge Omni knife is compact and slender, exclusively designed for outdoor use.

Manufacturers paid attention to every detail to make it a smooth and reliable tool. Every material, color, and style that went into the final design was for easy and convenient outdoor use. The reverse tanto blade is fascinating, as is the well-crafted thumb stud and unique handle design. The Pledge Omni could be the knife you need to compliment your collection.

But first, we want you to take your time learning about the knife's features, uses, and strengths before purchasing. So explore the comprehensive guide below on the distinct features, specifications, and shortcomings of the Pledge Omni. By the end of this article, you will have enough information to make an educated purchase.

But first, what makes an excellent outdoor knife? Let's find out.

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Characteristics Of An Excellent Outdoor Knife

A reliable outdoor knife is more about function than visuals when adventuring, camping, or fishing. From helping you prepare your dinner to making wood chips to use as a fire starter, an outdoor knife can save your life if things go south. You must pick a reliable and convenient knife to help you do your duties effortlessly.

Consider your intended uses– do you need a knife just for cutting veggies or peeling fruits during camping? Or are you looking for something a little bit large and durable that you can use for bushcraft? Or perhaps you want a knife that can withstand adverse weather conditions to let you scale fish easily.

Once you figure out these answers, you can align them to the knife's features. The Gerber Pledge has impressive features starting with the blade and handle materials.

Blade metal

Most of the blades used in making these knives are either made from stainless or carbon steel. But just exactly what is the difference between the two?

Carbon steel comprises a lot of carbon elements. The carbon element makes it easy to sharpen and maintain the sharp edge for a long time. However, the carbon content is susceptible to rusting and needs enhanced maintenance for longevity.

The carbon makes the blade hard, but it also means that the knife is susceptible to chipping and breaking when it comes under heavy impact or falls.

Carbon steels also leave a slight metallic aftertaste when used on acidic foods like fruits. While acidity is not easily noticeable, it is a vital factor you should consider when shopping for a kitchen knife.

Stainless steel has high chromium content. Chromium element makes the blade highly resistant to rust. It can also make the knife ideal for use in every environment. But one major shortcoming of the high chromium content is the difficulty in sharpening. But the straight edge makes it easier.

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So, which one should you buy between the steel and carbon blade?

Both knives will perform just as well and remain sharp for an extended period. Additionally, they are rust-resistant and durable. So, you have enough reason to choose either of the two.

Choosing between the two is about what you prioritize. If edge retention and sharpness are top priorities, then the carbon steel knife is your ultimate choice. However, remember that the carbon material is bound to rust if not properly attended to.

  • The Tang

That part of the knife that generously extends into the handle is called the tang. The tang comes in different lengths and shapes. We have the complete tang construction and the partial tang construction. When choosing tang, consider what you intend to use the knife for. Partial tangs are suitable for bushcraft and other light duties.

  • The handle

A significant consideration when buying a knife is the handle. A good handle must be comfortable in hand and firm when using it. The handle must never be slippery, even when your hands are wet. It must also be free from ridges or peculiar shapes that nudge your finger.

When shopping for a knife, go for one that uses rubber, wood, or other grippy materials on the handles. These materials guarantee a firm grip and rarely get slippery when wet. Natural materials like bone also appear as handle materials. They make more visually-appealing handles. However, they are highly prone to cracking, so they are unsuitable for outdoor use.

  • The thickness of the blade

The thicker the blade is, the heavier and more durable the knife is. If you have a knife with a thick blade, you can be sure it can withstand stress without bending or breaking. A thicker blade can therefore perform heavy tasks.

But even as you try to find a knife with a thicker blade, ensure you strike a balance between size and weight.

  • Fixed blade and Folding blades

Folding knives rotate upwards with a locking mechanism. The locking mechanism ensures the blade stays in place despite rotating in every direction. On the other hand, a fixed blade comes with an unsharpened section just below the blade. The section or the tang provides a place for handle wrapping.

Fixed blades are made from steel and have no moving parts. The advantage of such designs is that they are not prone to breaking and are therefore safer. A folding knife is restricted in usage and is less durable.

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Features of the Gerber Pledge Omni

The Pledge Omni is a relatively slim outdoor, ready-to-roll cutting tool that fits into your pocket easily. The reversible thumb stud and pocket clip ensure you can fold the blade quickly.

The Pledge Omni measures 8.2 inches with a blade length of 3.7 inches. At 2.9 ounces, the knife provides enough weight to support its cutting functions. The Urban blue color accentuates what's already an efficient outdoor knife.

The blade comes with a black oxide bead blast which improves corrosion resistance. Additionally, the liner lock provides safe functionality and secure storage.

The compact and slender construction

This knife is slim and lightweight. The compact design is ideal for minimalists and everyday carriers. If you intend to use this knife for everyday comfort carrying, then you will not be disappointed by its lightweight statue.

It is, however, important to note that some people prefer heavier knives. The weighted feel of a knife helps to achieve a more powerful cutting action. If this is your preference, then this knife may disappoint you.   

Plain edge

The serrated edge has multiple applications but cannot match the versatility of a plain edge. The Pledge has a plain edge for multiple tasks. This edge provides increased stability for cutting motions. In addition, you can easily sharpen or grind the plain edge.

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Reversible thumb stud

The reversible thumb stud or the pocket clip makes the Omni Grey convenient for left- and right-handed users. The flexibility of the thumb stud makes it perfect for everyday use.

The full-panel reverse tanto blade

The full-panel reverse tanto blade is a remarkable design that does not compromise functionality. This design features a long, gradual flat belly with an upward, sloping tip.

If you are not keen, you may be unable to differentiate it from the drop point blade belly in performance and appearance. The tanto blade has a black oxide bead that protects the knife from excessive corrosion.

Reversible pocket clip

The Gerber Pledge has a reversible clip. It is majorly for securing the knife to a user. The reverse feature enables the blade to be easily mounted in the most comfortable position for the user. The clip is customized to reduce unwarranted rotation.

Textured grip

The Pledge handle is made of carbon and fiber scales that provide a textured grip. The handle design also provides a comfortable hand placement, ensuring a firm grip.

The shortcoming of the Pledge - Omni Grey 30

The plain edge of the knife might be reliable for multiple tasks but cannot perform sawing or tasks that demand a lot of pressure. The fact that it is also foldable makes it less stable. Fixed blade knives are better for pressurized cutting and demanding tasks.

Therefore, this is not the knife you can rely on for heavy outdoor use, but it performs for less demanding tasks. Similarly, it is ideal for grilling around the home.

Final Thoughts

Despite being unsuitable for demanding cutting needs, this outdoor knife brings new life into the Pledge family. It is slim enough to fit into your bag and durable enough to withstand stress and impact.

The knife's versatility makes it convenient for any use. Additionally, it is ideal for use in any environment and condition– do not stress about getting sweaty hands. Though it does not fit into the primary blade section, we think it is a worthy addition to your outdoor knife collection. Additionally, it is a great outdoor knife for beginner campers and anglers.

Also Available at: GerbergearKnifeCenterTacticalgear


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