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Gerber Savvy Pocket Knife Review

Gerber Savvy Pocket Knife Review

Some knives seamlessly scratch the itch. Then there is the Gerber Savvy pocket knife that moves relatively faster without looking overly aggressive. This sleek gentleman's blade is meticulously built in small batches to capture even the smallest detail.

Fitted with some of the best materials money can buy, the knife boasts attention to detail in American Craftsmanship. This tool is a fully custom blade that ticks the boxes of knife enthusiasts.

Besides the numerous designs available for selection, the knife has a blend of just the right colors in reasonable amounts. And because this is a frequently used knife, the choice of beige and other tones is an ideal foundation for the attractive blue.

If you find the color combination fascinating, then the exquisite finish on the blade and handle will give you more reasons to step up your knife game in a meaningful way. The color spectrum is fantastic, making it a visually appealing longtime companion.

Moreover, the endless available list of features makes it an ideal choice for multiple uses. Let's find out what makes this cutting tool perfect for every household.

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Description And Overall Look

The knife looks impressively large without compromising on its distinct looks. The reversible pocket clip stands out as a significant feature on the outside appearance. Add the bar lock that is easily accessible, and you get a reliable knife for multiple purposes. The thumb stud provides convenient access with either hand, affirming the Savvy shot.

In the Savvy, you have a knife that is well-built and aggressive regarding functionality. You can easily switch over the thumb stud and the clip, which makes it sit firmly in the hands. Besides the attractive beige color, there is minimal adornment which is ideal for minimalists and people who love simple designs.

The Savvy knife is a Gerber Savvy model entirely made of 20CV steel. It is a folding knife with a Wharncliffe blade profile and an overall length of 7.94 inches. The blade is relatively longer, measuring 3.5 inches. The handle is aluminum fiber with an additional pivot lock mechanism.

Key Features Of The Savvy

A few words about the knife would suffice. However, the numerous features, which are all critical to knife enthusiasts, are worth exploring. So if you came just for the unique designs and striking looks, you should read a little further to determine if this knife is worthy of joining your collection.

The information below lists every detail of the knife, providing a comprehensive analysis that will help you determine whether Savvy is the right knife for you.

The design phase is a meticulous process, with every material used and color put under intense scrutiny. The ultimate result of the engineering process is a finely crafted cutting tool that provides reliably charming functionality. The comfort in hand, magnificent pivot lock, and the ever-reliable anti-rotation washers are all testament to smooth operation.

Explore the comprehensive coverage of the features, shortcomings, and uses.

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CPM 20CV Steel Blade

For the diehard knife nerds with a keen interest in quality materials, the 20CV blade is a great starting point. Admittedly, there are lots of different elements in the design that speak to the smooth functionality and flexibility of the knife. However, none does so loudly and emphatically as the blade.

Made of and blade guarantees fierce tear, wear, and corrosion resistance. The steel material is tough and can be used in almost every environment. The 20CV martensitic stainless steel comprises Chromium, Carbon, and Vanadium and features a 3.5-inch blade of premium 20CV steel with a Wharncliffe profile.

The chemical composition of the CPM 20CV steel is as follows:

  • It is made up of 20% Chromium. The primary duty of the high Chromium amount is to increase the tensile strength and improve edge retention. Additionally, Chromium plays a crucial part in enhancing corrosion resistance.
  • The 9% carbon in this steel ensures the knife is hard enough for cutting relatively tough products. When used excessively, however, the Carbon might lower the strength abilities of the blade.
  • Molybdenum is at a sparingly 1% to provide additional strength and functionality.
  • At 4%, Vanadium does a lot of work, ensuring little or no wear and tear. In other terms, it hardens the blade surface.
  • Tungsten is hardly noticeable. But still, at 0.6%, this element improves wear resistance and ensures hardness when working.

The CPM 20CV boasts the following features that make it more reliable and convenient.

  • Ease of Sharpness: the sole duty of the knife is to cut through objects. Therefore, the hardness improved by Molybdenum ensures ease in sharpening and grinding. In addition, the straight edge of the blade makes it easier to sharpen, even though it may lose its edge quicker than a serrated edge.
  • Corrosion Resistance: The fact that it is corrosion-resistant makes it convenient for any environment. Stainless steel does not rust but is prone to corrosion, a type of oxidation. But the high chromium content makes this blade resistant to corrosion, even with continued exposure to moisture.
  • Edge Retention: The 20CV blade consists of high Chromium and Vanadium. The chemical elements provide the knife's edge with the fine grain needed for retention.

There are several blade shapes that make the knife suitable for varied uses. The Savvy has a 3.5-inch Wharncliffe blade (inverted regular blade) modified to give the cutting edge a bit more belly. It is easy to open, with just a thumb stud.

Also Available at: GerbergearBladeHQKnifeCenter

Flat blade grind

The knife has a simple straight edge without any serration on it. Such a design results in increased stability, ensuring you can make more fine and clean cuts in the backyard. The fact that they are flat makes them even easier to sharpen.

The Wharncliffe Blade

Many good pocket knives have a Wharncliffe blade. While they are not as common as flat blades, they still provide great functionality for any user. They have a spine that curves downwards near the handle and eventually meets the tip.


The handle comfort is just as important as the efficient blade. The handle design of the Savvy prioritizes a convenient place for finger placement. The carbon fiber and aluminum handle scales guarantee a firm grip while cutting through objects. 

The ambidextrous design of the handle is a game changer for this cutting tool. Whether left- or right-handed, you can comfortably use the knife without much struggle. Moreover, the Savvy knife gives users an easy single-handed operation.

The reversible thumb stud enables seamless one-hand opening, while the anti-rotation bronze washers guarantee smooth deployment. The washers further provide the much-needed support and stability to the blade with little friction.

Pivot Lock

The knife has a pivot lock that is equally fixed with anti-rotation washers. The washers prevent sudden movement and ultimately provide maximum blade support. The more stable the blades are, the more convenient and smooth the operation becomes.

Additionally, the knife has a gold thumb stud opener with a smooth washer pivot, ensuring reliable functionality. The Gerber's pivot lock secures the blade in an open position for smooth functionality.

Also Available at: GerbergearBladeHQKnifeCenter

Uses of the Savvy

Young or old, almost everyone has dreamt of owning and using a magnificent pocket knife. The design on the Savvy puts it on the list of reliable and easy-to-use folding knives. These folding knives have been used for many years for different purposes.

They are versatile; from simple bones used for game hunting to sophisticated cutting tools, folding knives have gradually improved. You can bet on them to get you through any task.

The blade is not firmly anchored in the handle. That means you can use the blade to attend to any situation. And so the Savvy is ideal for:

  • Opening envelopes
  • Peeling fruits
  • Camping
  • Self-defense
  • Rough carving
  • Cutting

The shortcomings of the Savvy Knife

A folding blade means the blade can move while using it. Simply put, the strength of a folding blade is inferior compared to a fixed blade.

Another major drawback of this folding knife is its inability to make sawing cuts. This is because it has a Wharncliffe blade which is better utilized in cutting tasks.

Final Thoughts

The market is flooded with numerous pocket knives, some of which do not go beyond a year in service before losing power. This knife, built with reliable steel material, is one of the best you can pick for a range of indoor and outdoor activities. And while it might not be able to make sawing cuts, it makes up for that with improved versatility.

With the flexible blade, you can indulge in multiple cutting activities without needing a supporting tool. So versatility is a major plus for anyone who appreciates convenience and reliability.

The customizable design and the multi-purpose features keep the Gerber Savvy knife at the top of the list of reliable pocket knives. Beyond the backyard, you can also carry it for simple camping tasks and daily self-defense.

Also Available at: GerbergearBladeHQKnifeCenter

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