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Gerber Downwind Caper 30-001819 Pocket Knife Review

Gerber Downwind Caper 30-001819 Pocket Knife Review

If you are a knife nerd with a wild passion for game hunting, you need a knife collection that can slice through the most challenging game meat. Different knives in the market can easily cut through the neck. But few can match the skinning precision of the Gerber Downwind Caper Pocket Knife. Whether camping in the wilderness or the backyard preparing to grill, you need to get hold of this knife.

The knife is purposefully built for cutting with ease and precision. It is one of the few practical drop point knives with a two-tone 7Cr17MoV stainless steel blade. A blend of traditional design with a modern touch of fancy materials ensures the Downwind Caper delivers high-performance.

Furthermore, the stainless-steel blade has a layered black and grey G10 that runs over the handle scales. If you need a fixed blade that can withstand all weather conditions, consider getting this tool for your outdoor adventures. 

But it would be wise to ensure you are purchasing a knife that meets all your demands. So, keep scrolling to explore the in-depth benefits and shortcomings of the Downwind Caper.

Also Available at: GerbergearKnifeCenter, Toolnut

Description of the Downwind Caper

Few knife models in the current market respect traditional aesthetics more than the Downwind Caperdoes. This knife blends conventional and modern-day materials, providing the best hunting experience.

It has a fixed blade with a waxed canvas sheath. Additionally, the multi-layered G-10 handle provides an enhanced grip handle when wet. The steel is further reinforced with spinal jimping, improving general ergonomics.

The efficient, fixed blade is a distinct feature of the Gerber Downwind Caper. The fixed blade, specifically designed for hands-on tasks, comes in handy when performing high-pressure processes.

Another striking feature of the Downwind Caper is the spinal jimping attached to the blade's tip and tall grind. The handle assumes a layered design with fine grain to improve firm grip when working.


Downwind Caper is a new knife from Gerber. Buying a knife is one thing, and getting the right one for your needs is different. You should understand your requirements before purchasing the knife to avoid buying a cutting tool that will not perform as desired.

A knife's distinct features will help you determine if the knife is ideal for your specific demands. So, here are the various components of the Downwind Caper to help you make the right choice.


The most important part of the knife has to be the blade. Regardless of the design or color, you like, if the choice of blade is wrong, your knife will disappoint you in function. 

Like most good knives, the this knife has a stainless blade measuring 2.5mm in width. The stainless-steel drop point blade is unique, considering it has an additional satin finish.

The edge is a flat grind that guarantees optimal slicing performance. The relatively flat yet thin edge is meant to ease skinning. The belly, designed with a gentle slope, is ideal for reliable skinning tasks.

The sweeping belly is designed to end at the large index finger coil. Why? To enhance the fingers' firm grip and safety during demanding tasks.

  • Handle

You do not want a knife to serve you for a few weeks before giving in. You should aim for a long-lasting investment regardless of how you want to use the knife.

Yet one of the features of a knife that many people rarely pay attention to is the handle. While getting a blade that will get the work done is important, getting a knife with a handle that can withstand all weather and stress is also necessary.

Downwind Caper boasts a complete tang construction that is durable and can withstand adverse weather conditions. The weather-resistant GFN has an additional layer of high traction G10 handle scales that improve grip during any cutting.

Besides the high traction grip, the Downwind Caper-Black also features chamfered edges that give the design a comfortable and classier look. The neutral shape makes it easy for the user to have multiple options for firm grip and improved versatility.

Finally, the stainless pins and a hollow lanyard tube lead the scales to the tang. It is also important to note that the handle is made of a grippy layer G-10 handle which works efficiently even when wet.

  • Sheath

You need a knife you can carry publicly in your pockets without raising eyebrows. Without a sheath that can enclose the sharp edge and firm handle, you may find it hard to leave the house.

Downwind Caper has a canvas sheath with added snap closure for convenience and safety. The waxed canvas sheath provides a convenient storage place.

Also Available at: GerbergearKnifeCenter, Toolnut

  • 7Cr17MoV

The blade, as earlier discussed, is stainless steel that can slice through even the toughest meat—the drop-point fixed blade, made of 7Cr17MoV stainless steel, guarantees high corrosion resistance and toughness. The feature additionally ensures the edges of the blade have the fine grain needed for a smooth sharpening response.


The Downwind series is a continuation of the aesthetics of the past that equally appreciates the modern-day materials. At an overall length of 7.25 inches, the caper design is meant for those close-up moments that require intense work.

The blade length is an impressive 3.5 inches, enabling an intricate yet smooth cut. The type of steel used, 7Cr17MoV, ensures that the blade can veraciously fight signs of corrosion.

The G-10 material used to make the handle guarantees a firm grip even when the handle is exposed to a wet environment. Additionally, the blade finish of satin improves the classy look without compromising on the functionality of the blade.

The G-10 scales provide a firm grip which increases when wet or bloody.

You have to marvel at the tall grind that ensures the knife delivers excellent and clean slices. Generally, this cutting tool, housed in waxed canvas, is the reincarnation of the tools our forefathers used. The only difference is the modern touch that makes the knife a masterpiece.

The finger groove located on the blade enhances more intricate and accurate cutting. While the handle is not overly unique, it provides the required grip to complete the work.

The pivotal point connecting the belt loop to the sheath hangs at the right place and makes the sheath less rigid. So, you can be assured the sheath will not prod your thigh as you move.

Also Available at: GerbergearKnifeCenter, Toolnut

What are the advantages of having this Downwind Caper?

Almost every Gerber Downwind Caper model comes with similar handle styling. But that is one of many benefits of owning a Caper.

  • The styling and the overall design are magnificent. The G-10 scales increase the grip when the blade comes into contact with a wet surface.
  • It is convenient for anybody with detailed or heavy work to perform. This is because of the fixed blade, which enhances stability and support during cutting.
  • The button clasp is tight enough for any work.
  • The 7Cr17MoV steel blade is soft and easy to sharpen.
  • Convenient for any fieldwork. It has a blade you can depend on to get work done.
  • The knife comes with a large finger groove on the blade. The groove provides a firm and comfortable grip when doing light work.


  • While the canvas sheath is functional, it becomes a bit clunky sometimes, slowing down any operation.
  • Although the steel is easy to sharpen, it is also too soft, making it inconvenient for heavy cutting.
  • It has a short usable edge, making it unsuitable for demanding cutting.
  • Despite the knife being small, it is still tricky to snap it into the sheath using one hand.

Why you should settle for the Downwind Fixed Blade Hunting Series

Nobody wants a knife that loosens, especially in the middle of a hunting expedition. The Downwind Caper has an efficient, fixed blade that ensures you skin animals without the knife slipping off your hand.

It is built for outdoor activity, promising superior reliance for cutting, scaling, and skinning, among other activities. It is the type of knife that will come through when you need to cut the rope or create a pointed edge.

The multi-layered G-10 handle promises easy and reliable handling in any weather, making it perfect for a variety of outdoor activities in varied weather conditions.

In a nutshell, this fixed blade knife is custom-made for an exhilarating outdoor experience that demands more cutting power.

Final Words

While the canvas sheath may be clunky at times, the Downwind fixed blade makes up for it with a flat grind edge that guarantees optimal slicing performance. So do not rule it out because of the sheath, it could surprise you as a worthy part of your collection.

This is a knife meant for light field work, camping, fishing, and chores around the home. The design is a fine work of art that pays homage to traditional aesthetics with modern sophistication. So, if you want something that can tame game animals without breaking a sweat, then this Downwind Fixed Blade could do the magic.

Also Available at: GerbergearKnifeCenter, Toolnut


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