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The Benchmade 430BK REDOUBT™ Pocket Knife Review

The Benchmade 430BK REDOUBT™ Pocket Knife Review

If Benchmade wants you to know one thing about their knife, it is that you can stand powerfully confident and alone with their 430BK REDOUBT™ knife. This small utility knife is part of Benchmade's new line of 2022 knives.

The company has been making knives since 1987, intending to produce quality items that last forever. The Benchmade 430BK REDOUBT depicts their most recent talents and advancements that will hopefully do well in the market.

Benchmade has marketed their latest knife as a 'solid EDC for utility and self-defense.' And from the looks of it, this knife has a solid build with excellent material choice and assembly. You can easily picture yourself using it as an EDC or self-defense knife.

But just because you can picture it does not mean that it is practical. We know that Benchmade makes high-quality knives, and you will explore some of the features of this knife below to solidify this fact.

However, the information below will also outline if, in fact, the 430BK REDOUBT is a practical EDC knife. Additionally, we will conclude if you can rely on this product for self-defense. So engage us for a moment as we discover these qualities.

But first, it is always best to understand what you are looking for in EDC self-defense.

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What Does An EDC Self-Defense Knife Look Like?

We all dream of being able to conceal a sword-like Wonder Woman expertly; in readiness to defend. But the best we can do for the mean streets is a functional and reliable self-defense knife. And if you are looking for an EDC self-defense knife, you need a practical tool.

Many factors decide which the best self-defense tool for personal use is. When shopping for this tool, you have to look for features such as:

  • The legal size

Before you can buy any self-defense tool, you have to ensure you won't end up on the wrong side of the law just for carrying it. States have different rules on carrying concealed weapons. Some allow it while others don't.

And even if they do, you need to ensure you have the correct size. Some states that allow you to carry fixed or folded knives limit the blade size. It's not all of them, but just to be sure, read up on knife laws in the U.S. by state.

  • Scaled or textured handle

You never want to find yourself in a situation where you need to use the knife. But if you do, ensure that it won't fall out of your hand during crucial life or death moments.

Tensions are high when defending yourself. It doesn't matter where you are or the time of day; your body will respond with sweat and uneasiness. This can weaken your grip and make the knife slippery.

For this reason, a self-defense knife handle should have scales or texturization to improve grip. Smooth handles are not welcome in the self-defense world; they could cost you during crucial moments.

  • The correct handle size too

Similarly, you need to ensure that your knife handle is the right size. You need to achieve a proper grip to defend yourself adequately.

If you are unsure how it should feel in your hand, hold the handle in a hammer grip (with your fingers and thumb wrapped around the handle). You should have minimal gaps between the fingertips and the fleshy parts of your palm. Gaps mean you will experience challenges retaining the knife during self-defense situations.

Furthermore, if the handle is too small, the contact between the grip and your hand will not let you retain a secure grip. It also puts you at risk of injury if you envelop the grip completely and overspread onto a part of the blade. Therefore, ensure you have the right handle size.

  • Easy blade deployment

How quickly can you get your blade ready for use in a tense situation? It has to be fast and natural. The ease of deploying your blade saves you a lot of time and could make a difference.

The ease of deployment first depends on your dominant hand. The flipper should favor this hand. Additionally, the opening mechanism should put the knife in a natural position so you won't have to switch hands. Therefore, study these features before picking your knife.

  • Your preferred blade shape

Next, consider the blade-style or shape. A quick internet search will introduce you to the many types of blades for pocket knives. Choosing the right one for self-defense is up to you, based on your needs.

Different blade shapes have various purposes, including cutting, stabbing, slashing, and grazing. So what do you want your knife to do? The answer will help you pick the right self-defense tool.

  • High-quality steel

And lastly, ensure that your self-defense knife has high-quality steel. Remember, this is also an EDC knife. Even if you don't use it every day, do not sacrifice steel quality for the price. You need a tool that will last long. Always choose high-quality steel.

Additionally, go for edge retention as the priority. Unless you lead a very unusual lifestyle, you won't be using this knife to defend yourself every day. You could go months without needing its assistance. In those months, you will forget to sharpen it. And when you finally use it, you need to bet on its sharpness despite the hiatus. Therefore, prioritize edge retention.

Also Available at: BenchmadeKnifeCenterKnifeworks

430BK REDOUBT™ Features

The 430BK REDOUBT stands at 8.29" opening length, with a blade length of 3.55", weighing 3.7oz. The drop point blade is made from high-quality CPM-D2, scoring 60-62 HRC. It also has a plain edge with a Cobalt Black finish.

You will find a gray/green nubby textured Grivory handle at the end of the blade. Grivory handles are not as common as carbon fiber and G-10, and perhaps this choice makes a difference in tactical and EDC ability.

The knife has a deep carry reversible tip-up pocket clip and a proprietary AXIS lock designed for ambidextrous use. Overall, it has a tactical look and feel.

Is The 430BK REDOUBT An EDC Self-Defense Knife?

The measurements of the 430BK REDOUBT put it in a good place for EDC carry, while the blade length makes it acceptable in many states. It lies on the heavier side of pocket knives, but the weight should give it a solid and grippy feel, making it easy to use for tasks and self-defense.

The blade is undoubtedly powerful with minor shortcomings

The drop point blade is an excellent choice for a hunting knife. Therefore, it is safe to say that the 430BK REDOUBT is on the right track as a self-defense knife that can also help with woodwork, utility purpose, and chopping.

CPM-D2 steel is a variant of D2 steel from advanced crucible CPM technology. This rugged steel boasts excellent wear resistance thanks to the fine carbides of its chemical structure. It also scores 60-62 HRC.

This range is great for edge retention, which, as mentioned, is the priority. This blade stands out in edge retention because of the high carbon and carbide density in the steel's composition. You won't need to sharpen it for a long time, and it will remain precise, exactly how we like it.

However, edge retention comes at a price as this steel has a couple of shortcomings. First, it is not the best against brittleness. Of course, this is not to say that it will shatter when you drop your knife during an encounter. However, if it receives a harder impact, it will.

Is this an inconvenience for an EDC self-defense knife? We don't think so unless you have to throw it like a ninja star, miss, and it lands on a rock. Otherwise, it can withstand chopping and other applications; just don't attempt batoning and similar activities.

Another shortcoming of this steel is corrosion resistance. CPM-D2 is not stainless steel, and it will rust without proper care. So you need to keep up with maintenance on the rare occasions it comes into contact with water. Wipe them dry after moisture exposure.

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Will the nubby texture grivory handle let you use this knife comfortably?

Polyamide Grivory is a new knife handle material on the market, so there aren't many reviews on use and feel. However, we know that this material is strong and has a longer lifespan than metal and wood handles.

On the question of longevity, it is on the right track. Manufacturers make grivory through injection molding with a semi-crystalline structure. Therefore, it is strong, solid, and guaranteed to last long.

However, it is a thermoplastic and sadly bears the 'cheap feel' that all thermoplastics are cursed with. Additionally, it does not have the best grip when it is smooth.

But this knife has a nubby texture to improve grip. This texture should prove helpful in tense self-defense situations. Combined with the practical handle length, this knife should stay in your hand whether you are fighting or chipping fish.

However, it is essential to mention that textured grivory handles are more expensive than plain ones. Experts argue that it would be better to increase your budget and go for high-end knife handles like micarta or G10, which offer better grip, even without texturing.

Final Thought

The 430BK REDOUBT knife has a strong blade with outstanding edge retention, and its overall design is tactical but practical for EDC carry.

The only significant issue is the handle material because while textured, it is easy to desire something that feels more solid and less like plastic. However, if this is not a deal-breaker, be among the first people to call this your ideal EDC self-defense tool.

Also Available at: BenchmadeKnifeCenterKnifeworks

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