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Gerber Fuse Pocket Knife Review

Gerber Fuse Pocket Knife Review

Folding knives never go out of style, and the Gerber Fuse pocket knife proves it as the perfect accessory for adventure.

Not all folding knives are made the same, and the Gerber Fuse is in a league of its own. The Fuse is designed to give users more functionality in their camping activities. The overall design of the knife makes it a fan favorite for pocket knife holders.

What makes the Gerber Fuse-Black an ideal accessory for outdoor lovers? We will look at the knife's design and some specifications that enhance its performance. Likewise, we will also look at some of the uses of the Fuse excellence in the field.

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Gerber Fuse Description

The Fuse comes from a long line of Gerber Gear products. Gerber Gear is among the leading outdoor accessories and working tools manufacturers in the United States.

If you like folding knives, then the Gerber Fuse should be on your list. Unlike fixed knives, folding knives are more convenient and easier to carry around. In addition, the Gerber Fuse folding knife is more rigid than most fixed knives.

One of the most noticeable features of the Gerber Fuse is its overall design. The pocket knife is created with campers in mind. From the blade design to the handles, the Fuse is perfect when you need to carve or shave off the wood.

The Gerber Fuse comes in two varieties. The Fuse-Black is a black drop point blade with a black handle. On the other hand, the Fuse-Flat Sage is a stonewashed drop point blade with a flat sage green handle. However, the Fuse-Black has one of the sleekest looks of any pocket knife.

The Fuse's blade is made from some of the most reliable materials. The high-resolution electroformed stainless steel improves the blade's durability. Likewise, the black oxide finishing on the Fuse-Black also protects the blade from harsh elements.

The Gerber Fuse's handle is better than other pocket knives. The handle is made from lightweight glass-filled nylon with an exposed spine liner, giving it better rigidity and stability. The rigid material also provides better protection to the blade after folding it.

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Gerber Fuse Specifications

Type: Folding knife

Blade Material: 7Cr17MoV

Blade Length: 3.37 Inches

Blade Width: 0.88 Inches

Blade Thickness: 0.11 Inches

Blade Style: Drop point

Handle Material: Glass-filled nylon (GFN) with stainless steel

Handle Length: 5.13 Inches

Handle Width: 0.89 Inches

Handle Thickness: 0.42 Inches

Overall Length: 8.23 Inches

Folded Length: 4.86 Inches

Color: Black

Weight: 2.83 oz.

Gerber Fuse Features

Light Weight

The Fuse's weight cannot be understated. The folding knife only weighs 2.83 oz., making it ideal for carrying around on outdoor expeditions. It is easy to forget that you have the knife with you.


Blade Length

The Gerber Fuse-Black has a short 3.37-inch blade.

There are many benefits to the short blade on the Fuse. Though it has a shorter stroke, the blade gives better control when cutting or carving wood. In addition, the smaller blade is also lighter, making it ideal for camping adventures.

Blade Material

The Gerber Fuse-Black is more durable than a regular pocket knife. The blade is merged with high-resolution electroformed 7Cr17MoV stainless steel. It is fabricated using a high-precision stainless steel mesh during the electroforming process. The steel is deposited in thin atomic layers, giving the blade better precision and consistency.

717CrMoV is Chinese stainless steel, proving that Chinese manufacturers create good quality blades. Electroforming improves the blade's quality. The purity levels of stainless steel are up to 99.8%. Better material quality enhances the blade's durability and guarantees superior blade properties.

Blade Durability

One benefit of using 7Cr17MoV stainless steel is its high chromium concentration. The blade has a high tolerance to rusting, corrosion, and impact during use.

Likewise, electroforming the Fuse-Black gives it a crystal structure, making it harder to break the blade's molecular bonds.

With durability like that, you are assured that the Gerber Fuse will have a longer lifespan than pocket knives.

Blade Edge

Another crucial fact of the Fuse's electroformed stainless-steel blade is the superior edge acuity. The high-precision process gives the blade's edge a 0.1-micron variation.

Secondly, electroforming also ensures that the blade's edge is bur-free. This reduces the amount of tear when using the knife, giving an excellent straight or curved cut.

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Dual Thumb Studs

The dual thumb studs are ideal for deploying the blade reliably. The thumb studs are on both sides of the blade, a few inches from the handle.

Users do not need to use two hands to open the folding knife. The Fuse's studs provide better traction to your thumbs than pulling on the blade's sides. This means that you can quickly unfold the blade with only one hand.

Blade Finish

Get more functionality and reliability with the Gerber Fuse black oxide coating.

The black oxide finishing on the blade gives it a fierce and stylish look. The coating blends well with the stainless-steel blade giving it a shiny appearance on this tactical pocket knife.

But, the black oxide coating does more than making the blade look good. The oxide coating protects the Gerber Fuse from rusting and corrosion. In addition, it acts as a lubricant, reducing friction between the blade and wood when carving.

Black oxide is also a bad thermal conductor. The oxide finishing reduces the heat conductivity on the Fuse-Black, improving its durability and lifespan.


Handle Size

The Gerber Fuse can easily fit in the palm. The 5.13-inch-long handle extends to the whole length of the palm, giving you better control of the knife. Also, the 0.89-inch-wide and 0.42-inch-thick handle firmly fits in hand.

The small handle size makes it easy to deploy and disengage the blade without worry.

Handle Material

Finding a durable but light handle in a pocket knife can be hectic. However, the Gerber Fuse has you covered.

The Fuse-Black handle is infused with lightweight glass-filled nylon. The handle can take light impacts when dropped or carving wood. The handle is resistant to harsh weather and corrosion.

Barrel Construction

The barrel construction on the Gerber Fuse is designed for better ergonomic handling. The handle has an oval shape that mimics the shape of your palm when you hold or grip objects. The barrel design not only improves the hold on the knife but also prevents discomfort or stain after prolonged use.

Handle Stability

The handle is not only good for durability but also for stability. The handle is perfectly balanced, making it easy to hold and use.

Stainless Steel Grip

Another addition to the Fuse's handle is the electroformed stainless-steel grip. When scaling fish or sharpening wood, the grip gives you better traction on the knife.

Exposed Spine Liner with Jimping

Another addition to the Fuse is the exposed spine liner. Though the liner does make the pocket knife have a unique look, it also has some vital functionalities.

Firstly, the spine makes the handle's top sturdier. It reduces the movement of the handle and enhances its stability when cutting or carving.

Furthermore, the jimping on the spine liner enhances your grip on Fuse-Black. The jimping provides better traction to your hand and prevents unwanted movement towards the blade.

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Custom Axle Shroud

Another essential feature of the Fuse is the Scutcheon axle shroud. The custom shroud supports the blade and ensures easy rotation when folding or unfolding the knife.

One of the challenges you might notice with the Fuse is the hard deployment of the blade. However, by adjusting the axle shroud, you can modify the speed at which the blade deploys from the handle.

Disengagement Mechanism

The Gerber Fuse-Black is also designed with deployment safety in mind. The lower spine of the handle has an exposed liner lock.

The liner lock can be moved to the side for easy disengagement of the blade from its handle. In addition, the jimping on the lock firmly folds on the blade's thumb studs, preventing accidental deployment.

The locking grooves also have a slightly elevated angle from the blade, which acts as an overstrike guard. Furthermore, the jimping provides extra traction to the fingers when using the blade.

Deep Carry Pocket Clip

The Gerber Fuse comes with a deep carry pocket clip mounted to the side of the glass-filled nylon handle, giving users the best convenience when carrying the folding knife.

The knife is only a one-way carry, the right side-carry-tip-up. However, the clip is easy to use, and users will not have trouble removing the knife.

Ballistic Nylon Sheath

The Gerber Fuse also comes with a durable ballistic nylon sheath. The sheath provides the best protection for the knife against falls or impacts when outdoors. It also makes it ideal for carrying.

In Conclusion

The Gerber Fuse-Black is an excellent accessory to have when outdoors. The Fuse offers more functionality and durability than regular pocket knives. In addition, the black finish on the blade and handle gives it a nice sleek tactical finish while improving the knife's lifespan.

While it might not be practical for everyday carry because of its weight and size, it is functional for outdoor applications.

Also Available at: GerbergearKnifecenter, Bladehq

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