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The Best Swiss Army Knives

The Best Swiss Army Knives

When you think of Switzerland, there are a few things that come to mind. One such item is the Swiss army knife. For years, this handy tool associated with the thriving country has received its fair share of publicity. Pop culture introduced MacGyver, the character popularly known for putting away bad guys using quick thinking and his trusty Swiss army knife. This is perhaps one of the things that soared the popularity of this handy tool. And it has a rich history too.

The Swiss Army Knife History

The first ‘prototype’ of the Swiss army knife came in the late 1880s. The Swiss Army purchased small folding knives for their soldiers to open canned food. Additionally, they were to help with the disassembly of the M1889 Swiss service rifle, which required the use of a screwdriver. Unfortunately, no Swiss company could meet the production demand of about 15,000 knives. Therefore, Wester & Co., a German manufacturing company, fulfilled the order.

The initial design had a single blade, can opener, screwdriver, and reamer. They had dark oak grips and were named Modell 1890. Then in 1891, Karl Elsener took over the production of these knives. He incorporated a new design, unsatisfied with the previous one. This innovation featured a spring mechanism that held more tools in place; a second blade and corkscrew, featuring wood fiber grips.

The Swiss cutlery company Paul Boéchat & Cie that later became Wenger, got the first contract from the Swiss army to produce these knives. Elsener (from Karl Elsener) would later transform to Victorinox and also produce the knives. Both companies used the shield and cross logo to prove the authenticity of their products, leading to a small dispute. However, both companies agreed to split the contract for production.

In 1921, Elsener renamed the company after his late mother Victoria and begun using stainless steel. This created the company name ‘Victorinox,' derived from his mother’s name and the French shortening of the word ‘stainless steel.' In 2005, Victorinox acquired Wenger and is currently the manufacturer of the Swiss army knife.

Surprisingly, the name ‘Swiss army knife’ was coined by American soldiers during their encounters with Swiss soldiers who extensively used the tool. The soldiers came up with the name when they faced difficulty pronouncing its original German name, ‘Schweizer Offiziersmesser.’ Today, these knives come in hundreds of models, and the company exports globally.

Why Should I Buy A Swiss Army Knife?

For convenience, obviously! There is a reason why everyone who joins the Swiss Army receives the tool on the first day after recruitment. This is a handy tool that offers convenience is one of the best things you can own. You will be prepared for almost any situation, including:

  • Camping. Camping without a Swiss army knife is unforgivable. You will need a pocket knife for almost everything you do during camping. You can use it to shave down kindling for the fire, open canned foods, remove splinters, and anything in between.
  • Fishing. A Swiss army knife is a handy tool when fishing. You can use it to cut finishing lines, remove hooks, open a cold brew, or even cut and scale the fish. Any fishing trip demands that you bring this trusted pocket knife.
  • Hiking. When hiking, anything could happen. But with a Swiss army knife, you have a better chance of enjoying your trip. You could chip spaces for climbing, mark trees to find you wary easily, and create walking sticks with a sharp edge.
  • First aid. A pocket knife comes in handy when administering first aid. The tools can help to cut up the bandage, cut rope, remove impurities in the wound. You can also heat the steel tools to help clot wounds.
  • Protection. Finally, a Swiss army knife is a great protection tool. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, you can use any of the blades to protect yourself.

Notable Mentions

Victorinox SwissChamp Pocket Knife, (1.6795)

The lightweight feel of this beautiful Swiss army knife may just fool you about the number of tools it has. It will offer well over 33 functions, including a strong screwdriver, bottle opener, corkscrew, and even magnifying glass to help you identify splinters quicker. With this handy tool, you are prepared for almost anything. Each tool is made from durable stainless steel promising durability, and corrosion resistance. The signature red ABS scales house the tools while proving a durable non-slip grip. 

Victorinox Classic SD Cobalt Blue 58mm Swiss Army Knife

It is compact, agile, and built for portability to help with tough situations. It is made of stainless steel, encased in a slim cobalt blue case. The construction makes it ideal for portability. This handy pocketknife comes with seven functions, including a key ring for easy carry. The knife comes in handy during survival situations allowing you to cut through rope and tough materials. The tweezers will help pull out splinters and ticks, while the nail file helps shape and sharpen objects.

Victorinox Fieldmaster Swiss Army Knife

For a blend of survivalists and compact build, consider the Fieldmaster Swiss army knife. It is compact but full of useful tools to help you face anything indoors and outdoors. The multitude of tools offers 15 functions while maintaining a lightweight profile. There are two blades of different sizes to meet various needs. Thanks to the durable key ring, you can transport it easily and securely. Each of the tools is made from stainless steel for continued corrosion-free use. 

Victorinox Hiker Swiss Army

As the name suggests, this knife is constructed for regular hikers. It is the perfect companion for weekend outdoor getaways. The complete set of tools offers 13 functions, including slicing and cutting as you need. You can conveniently carry a bottle opener, two blades, and a screwdriver in your hand. And these are just the basic tools you will have access to. If you enjoy multitasking on the go, you will love owning and using this knife. 

Victorinox Tinker 91mm Swiss Army Knife

Purchasing this pocket knife means that you get access to 12 functions. It includes a pair of sharp scissors for cutting, a screwdriver for multiple uses, and blades for slicing. Each of the tools is made from stainless steel, staying true to the genuine construction of Swiss army knives. The red encasing features the shield and cross logo, authenticating this handy tool. The compact design ensures you can easily carry this knife anywhere you go. However, we advise you make use of the durable key ring.


Victorinox Spartan Swiss Army Knife

The Spartan Swiss army knife is a model that ensures you are protected on daily adventures without compromising space. This is the ideal pocket knife for everyday carry, making it an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for anyone. You or the recipient will enjoy access to a screwdriver, multiple blades, and a toothpick, to name a few. The skilled workmanship that goes into this knife guarantees long-lasting use. With proper care and maintenance, this is a life-long partner for all your outdoor activities.


Victorinox 1.6795.XAVT Swisschamp Xavt Swiss Army Knife

If you are looking for the ultimate companion for outdoor exploring, you will find it in this model. This is by far one of the handiest Swiss army knives in the market today. This handy tool in hand gives you access to 83 functions, all in a compact and portable tool. One notable feature of this model is the digital watch and thermometer, both of which come in handy for survival. It is also good to recognize the metal saw and file, which puts you ahead of every situation.


Victorinox Rangergrip Red 130mm Swiss Army Knife

Look to this model for something that stays from the classic design but offers a comfortable grip with multi-functional tools. It is a pocket knife that offers twelve functions thanks to the assortment of tools compactly built into a sleek folding knife. For your beers, you can use the trusty bottle opener. Expect smooth cutting from the wire stripper and a firm grip from the wood saw. The large locking blade design provides a good thumbhole to allow single-hand use.

Swiss Eagle Swiss Army Knife

Lastly, this unique model similarly strays from the classic design but offers uniqueness in the process. The multitude of tools provides you with 30 handy functions, ideal for outdoor exploration or making your chores easier within the house. This includes a screwdriver, pliers, magnifying glass, and even wire cutters.


In Conclusion

A Swiss army knife is a timeless tool that will never go out of style. Furthermore, it belongs in every adult’s bag, pocket or hand because it makes daily routines easier and ensures you are prepared for anything. When purchasing one, explore multiple options till you find all the tools you want. Also, be sure to purchase from a trusted distributor to ensure you get a high-quality item.

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