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Forged in Loyalty - Earn Blade Bucks


$40 FREE Store Credit

Create an account on our website to join the Forged in Loyalty program. 1 Blade Buck = $1 store credit.

Just create an account and you will INSTANTLY get 40 Blade Bucks credited to your account. Earn 15% Blade Bucks on EVERY PURCHASE! 

How to use Blade Bucks Video

Are you a passionate pocket knife enthusiast, always on the lookout for the perfect blade? Do you appreciate quality craftsmanship and crave exclusive rewards? Then sharpen your senses and step into Forged in Loyalty, our brand-new loyalty program designed to reward your dedication!

Forge a Future Filled with Blade Bucks:

With every purchase you make, you'll earn Blade Bucks, a valuable currency redeemable for store credit on future pocket knife orders. That's right, every order earns you 15% of its total value back in Blade Bucks!

Unleash the Benefits:

    • 40 Blade Bucks FREE when you create an account
    • Earn 15% Blade Bucks on every single purchase
    • 1 Blade Buck = $1 Store Credit
    • Enjoy exclusive offers and discounts
    • Random Blade Bucks giveaways throughout the year

Joining is Easy, Rewards are Endless:

Signing up for Forged in Loyalty is as simple as sharpening your favorite knife. Just create a free account on our website and you're instantly enrolled. Start earning Blade Bucks with your very next purchase and unlock a world of exciting rewards.

Forge Your Legacy:

Don't settle for dull rewards. Join Forged in Loyalty and watch your pocket knife passion transform into a treasure trove of Blade Bucks. Every purchase becomes an investment in your collection. Sharpen your savings, unleash your rewards, and join the Forged in Loyalty community today!

Ready to hone your loyalty? Sign up now and start earning Blade Bucks!

P.S. Don't forget to follow us on social media for exclusive Blade Buck giveaways and insider tips!

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