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Gerber Affinity Aluminum Pocket Knife Review

Gerber Affinity Aluminum Pocket Knife Review

Are you looking for the ideal suit knife? The Gerber Affinity Aluminum pocket knife is one of the contenders that may satisfy your needs.

A Suit knife, also known as the gentleman's knife, is one of those accessories that complete a gentleman's outfit. Most of these folding knives have a sleek design that permits discreet carrying in public.

However, an important thing to notice is that gentleman's knives are not for uses like gutting deer. The blades are simplistic and smaller than the traditional folding knives.

Meet the Gerber Affinity - Aluminum pocket knife. Unlike other suit knives, the Affinity knife is designed to provide more functionality as an everyday carrying accessory.

Gerber Affinity Description

Calling the Gerber Affinity, a suit knife is an overstretch. Though their manufacturers classify the knife as a gent's knife, the Affinity is longer than others in the category. That being said, Gerber Affinity still has some fantastic features that make it stand out.

To start, the Affinity has a refined and polished design that most knife lovers would enjoy. The design is sleek, thin, and simplistic. The handle also gives the Affinity an elegant look that will turn heads every time you deploy it.

The Gerber Affinity comes in two variations, the Affinity - Aluminum and the Affinity - Copper. As the names suggest, the Aluminum line comes with an aluminum handle, while the Copper line comes with a copper handle.

In addition, the Gerber's blade is 7CR steel, which is highly durable and long-lasting. If you drop the knife, the stainless-steel blade will take the punch. Unlike the Copper knife, the Affinity-Aluminum has a thin white blade that complements its handle.

The Affinity- Aluminum has an exotic gray aluminum handle representing class and elegance. The aluminum handle is sturdy and durable. In addition, the aluminum handle makes the knife lighter than other suit knives, including the Affinity - Copper.

Let us look at some of the specs and functionality that make the Gerber Affinity a must-have gentleman's knife.

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Gerber Affinity Specifications

Type: Folding knife

Blade Material: 7Cr17MoV

Blade Length: 3.63 Inches

Cutting Edge: 3.50 Inches

Blade Width: 0.88 Inches

Blade Thickness: 0.11 Inches

Blade Style: Drop point

Blade Grind: Hollow Flat

Handle Material: Aluminum

Handle Length: 4.87 Inches

Handle Width: 0.80 Inches

Handle Thickness: 0.37 Inches

Overall Length: 8.45 Inches

Folded Length: 4.87 Inches

Color: White and Gray

Weight: 4.62 oz.

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Gerber Affinity Features


Blade Length

A crucial factor you should always consider when buying a suit knife is the length of the blade. The Affinity has a 3.63-inch-long blade larger than the average gent's blade.

There are some advantages to having a longer blade. The Affinity offers a longer single stroke. Cutting slices should not be a problem with that kind of stroke.

Blade Material

The Affinity's blade is made from 7Cr17MoV stainless steel and is classified as a D2 blade. The elements' ratio added to iron to produce stainless steel determines most of the blade's properties and surface finish. Interestingly, the ratio of Carbon, Chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium in D2 blades is combined to bring out the best properties in the Affinity blade.

Another benefit of the 7Cr17MoV blade material is the high-purified levels of stainless steel used in production. With fewer blade impurities, you get better knife quality that will last a lifetime.

Blade Durability

If durability is on your pocketknife's list, you should consider getting the Gerber Affinity. The high carbon and chromium content in the D2 steel enhances the strength and hardness of the blade. The blade can handle light impacts when the knife falls. In addition, the elements also make the Affinity resistant to high temperatures and rusting.

Secondly, the high iron content in the 7Cr17MoV stainless steel offers a protective oxide coating on the blade. The coating is responsible for preventing chemical corrosion when cleaning the blade.

Blade Style

Not many people consider the blade style when choosing a folding knife. However, the drop point blade style on the Affinity - Aluminum is not just for looks.

Why is the drop point so favorable? Drop point knives have a dropping spine as they reach the blade's tip. In most cases, the knives have a large unsharpened spine that slowly cures towards the drop point.

The Affinity has a strong spine, making the blade sturdier and more stable. In addition, drop point knives also have stronger blade tips than other standard blades. With a sturdier spine and blade tip, you have better knife control when cutting through tough rope or wood.

Secondly, the drop point blade style on the Affinity makes it the perfect slicing tool. The blade has one of the most prominent cutting edges of all gent's knives. You can easily use the tip to skin or slice. 

Blade Finish

If you love beveled edges, then the white-satin finish on the Gerber Affinity - Aluminum is a good choice.

The folding knife has a high-quality satin finish that shows the blade's fine lines. Furthermore, the finish reduces the blade's reflective glare, enhancing its appearance. Cleaning the Affinity will make the blade grind pop out more.

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Handle Size

The Affinity's handle size is designed to fit your hand comfortably. The 4.87-inch-long handle provides adequate space to perform well during slicing. The 0.37-inch-thick and 0.37-inch-wide handle gives you better control of the knife.

Handle Material

One of the most impressive features of Affinity - Aluminum is its aluminum handle. The handle's aluminum build has made it popular among most pocket knife collectors.

Firstly, using aluminum to build the handle enhances the knife's durability. The handle is pretty strong and can take a punch. In addition, the aluminum handle has a higher tolerance to corrosion, abrasions, or rust, keeping it looking good for a long time.

In addition, aluminum is not as heavy as other metals used in pocket knife handles. The Affinity handle is pretty light without compromising the sturdiness of the knife.

The only drawback to aluminum handles is the grip. The handle can be slippery in high-stress situations and wet weather due to the moisture.

Barrel Construction

Another impressive feature of the Gerber Affinity is the ergonometric handle. The barrel-designed handle has a convex shape that fits perfectly into the palm when holding the knife. The barrel construction also protects your hands from strain, fatigue, and injury when slicing or cutting.

Handle Stability

Though the aluminum handle on the Affinity might be light, you should not worry about stability. The handle is designed to distribute the knife's weight evenly. The Gerber Affinity is perfectly balanced, and users will have better control of the blade at all times.

Pinch Plate

The pinch plate is an over-travel stop located below the aluminum scale grip. The plate locks the blade from continuously moving into the handle after it folds. This helps to prevent damage to the blade as it could hit the handle screws.

In addition, the pinch plate also provides a better grip on the Affinity when in use. The plate is slightly depressed into the aluminum handle, where your fingers can steadily grab the folding knife.

Adjustable Thumb Studs

Another extra safety precaution on the Gerber Affinity is removable or adjustable thumb studs. Thumb studs are standard in most modern pocket knives. However, the Affinity takes it up a notch.

The thumb studs are near the spine of the blade. The studs are housed in a groove that runs about half the blade length from the handle. By loosening the torque screw on the studs, you can easily slide the studs to fit ergonomic needs or remove the studs.

The thumb studs provide easier deployment of the blade. By pushing on the studs, you get better blade traction, allowing you to unfold the blade without hassle.

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Machined Aluminum Scale

Another feature you should look out for on the Affinity - Aluminum is the machined aluminum scale on the side of the handle. The aluminum scale has a grid finish that gives the handle a sleek look.

Likewise, the scale also adds a little functionality to the Affinity. The rough grid also provides better traction on the handle, ensuring you have a firm hold on the knife when slicing.

Secure Frame Lock

You do not have to worry about accidentally chopping off your fingers. The Gerber Affinity has a strong frame lock that secures the blade in place once you disengage. 

In addition, pushing on the pinch plate also helps adjust the speed at which the frame lock deploys the blade. It comes in handy when you need to slow-role the blade.

Lanyard Hole

For users who need to keep their hands free, the lanyard hole on the Affinity's handle comes in handy and makes it easier to carry the knife if you have limited space. You can run a rope through and tie the knife around your neck or on your belt.

Pocket Clip

Lastly, the Gerber Affinity also has a pocket clip for conveniently carrying the knife. The pocket clip is made of durable steel resistant to wear or corrosion. But unfortunately, the Affinity clip only offers a one-way carry– you must carry the knife with the tip facing up.

In Conclusion

Though the Gerber Affinity - Aluminum is not your standard gentleman's knife, it does have some great functionalities. The Affinity is durable and will assist with various needs.

 Also Available at: GerbergearBladeHQKnifeCenter


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