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Zero Tolerance 0308BLKTS Pocket Knife Review

Zero Tolerance 0308BLKTS Pocket Knife Review

The 0308BLKTS Zero Tolerance knife is one of the unique knives that Zero Tolerance adds to their catalog. This beefy tactical folder knife has turned into a favorite EDC knife among users.

The unique design first features outstanding tiger stripes on the handle. This unique aspect has made it a favorite among users.

This is because Zero Tolerance has, for the first time, used a black-oxide BlackWash finish. It is hard not to see the 0308BLKTS as an everyday knife with this classic pattern.

It has a chunky blade that effortlessly folds into titanium back handle. It is a flipper knife with the signature KVT ball-bearing opening.

However, it has a custom nut at the solid picot. This nut allows users to make a custom adjustment in the field.

Overall, this chunky but alluring knife is perfect for tactical and everyday use. And with the stunning black hardware, you will look effortlessly cool using the knife.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Instead, keep scrolling to get informative insight into the aspects that make this knife so cool.

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The Best Parts of the Zero Tolerance 0308BLKTS Knife

Blade: Style, Length, Edge, Material

The blade of a pocket knife is essential. For it is the blade that will give you the most function for the knife.

You can stab, fix, cut, and chisel with a good blade. Therefore, the blade is an investment you need to pay attention to when purchasing a pocket knife.


The Zero Tolerance 0308BLKTS Knife has a CPM 20CV stainless steel blade. This blade comes from Crucible, a brand that excels at making blades for pocket knives.

This in itself is a mark of quality, for Crucible has successfully remained in business for generations. The CPM 20CV is one of the most successful blades.

Zero Tolerance has used this blade in other models, such as the 0990 knife. This is because the blade's composition makes it ideal for everyday use.

The key features of the blade include 20% Chromium, 4% Vanadium, 1.9% Carbon, and 0.6% Tungsten.

The careful combination of these components in their specific amounts is intentional to create a durable knife.

The highest component is chromium. This element is essential for the tensile strength of a blade.

Therefore, this blade is strong and promises excellent performance against pressure. Chromium also improves the corrosion and wear resistance of the blade.

The longevity of the blade is reliable, and users can enjoy it under all-weather conditions.

Next is vanadium which is important for wear resistance. It is disappointing to purchase a blade to be met with signs of wearing in a few weeks.

But thanks to vanadium infusion in the CPM 20CV blade, you do not have to worry about this.

Vanadium also hardens the steel. This makes it effortlessly resistant against hard surfaces. It resists breaking and chipping.

Carbon is a tricky element. While it enhances the blade's hardness, it could reduce its strength. However, the perfect balance of the components ensures that the carbon does not reduce the blade's effectiveness.

Carbon also enhances resistance against corrosion and wear.

But where carbon affects strength, tungsten improves strength and hardness. It is also the cherry on top that solidifies the CPM 20CV’s wear resistance.

The blade scores 60–62 HRC. This means that the steel is very strong and can withstand pressure effortlessly.

It also means that the blade will retain the edge well. The only drawback with this score is achieving sharpness.

However, other blade elements discussed below remedy the problem of sharpening.

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The 0308BLKTS model has a drop point blade. This is the most common blade shape for pocket knives.

It is characterized by a slope on the blade's spine from the handle to the tip of the blade.

This design makes the spine of the blade thicker and stronger. The spine also continues forward to the tip of the blade.

The drop-point blade creates a strong tip or point that is easy to control, making it ideal for heavy use. It is why this is the preferred blade for hunting.

Another key feature of the drop-point blade is the large belly area that makes it ideal for slicing.

The only disadvantage of this blade style is that it has a broad tip that is not suitable for piercing. Still, the broadness offers excellent strength against breaking.

You will often find this style in Swiss army knives, tactical knives, and hunting knives.


The 0308BLKTS model has a plain edge blade. The plain edge blade has one continuous sharp edge. It is the traditional edge style.

The plain edge blade is ideal for outdoor, EDC, and tactical use. This is because the edge offers strong and steady pressure.

Another key advantage of the plain edge blade is that it cuts cleanly. You do not have to worry about frayed edges after cutting.

Finally, the plain edge blade is easier to sharpen.

The plain edge blade is ideal for push cutting and chopping.

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Length and thickness

The length of the 0308BLKTS blade is 9.6 centimeters, approximately 3.75 inches. Additionally, the blade thickness stands as 0.4 centimeters or 0.156 inches.

The blade length of this knife falls just between small and large pocket knife blades making it a medium blade.

Therefore, it is suitable for an array of EDC activities, plus tactical use.

The thickness makes the steel less prone to breaking by handling pressure well. It also gives the knife a comfortable balance. Neither too heavy nor too light.


The handle of a pocket knife is important for the proper use of the knife. There is no point in purchasing a pocket knife that you cannot grip comfortably.

Therefore, you must ensure that the material of the handle is comfortable and functional. Zero Tolerance created a beautiful and functional handle for the 0308BLKTS model.

The handle is a G-10 on the front with titanium back. G-10 is one of the most durable materials for knife handles.

The material is made by taking woven glass fiber bound with epoxy resin and inserting it through a laminate.

This is the same process used to make carbon fiber handles only that G-10 uses glass fibers.

G-10 is commonly applied to electronics and circuit boards. This is because it does not shrink and offers dimensional stability.

The strength of the G-10 makes it great as a knife handle. First, it makes the knife impervious to water and witness.

Therefore, you do not have to worry if you drop the knife in the water. This imperviousness also makes it low-maintenance.

Therefore, expect no oxidation, brittleness, or chipping from the handle.

Next, G-10 is very durable. Therefore, you will not have to deal with a sharp band-new-looking blade with a dull and aged handle.

This strength and durability are thanks to the woven nature of the material. It creates a hard plastic-like material.

Best of all, G-10 is exceptionally lightweight. It will neither expand nor contract to temperature. Therefore, the knife feels light and comfortable to use in all weather. ­

The other part of the handle is durable titanium. When people think about titanium, they assume that it is too heavy because it is strong.

But surprisingly, titanium is lightweight for a knife handle. However, it is also the most expensive common metal for knife handles.

Still, it makes up for it by offering what other metals cannot. First, it provides high resistance against corrosion.

Additionally, it does not conduct and retain cold as much as other metals. This is great for all-weather use.

Furthermore, titanium is less resistant to scratching, performing better than stainless steel.

The strength of G-10 combined with titanium creates a heavy and durable handle. It also makes it smooth and comfortable to grip.

This is an important aspect for hunting knives, EDC, and tactical knives. You may find yourself in the middle of a rainstorm, and an easy-grip handle is the ideal one.

The handle also gives a good balance to the knife. It is not too heavy but instead offers a solid feel ideal for applying steady pressure.

It is necessary to mention the black-oxide BlackWash finish on the handle. This is the first time Zero Tolerance has used this finish.

The finish enhances the grip and looks of the handle. It is complemented by the tiger stripes that make this knife attractive and unique.

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Other Features of the Zero Tolerance 0308BLKTS Knife

Pocket clip. The knife has a reversible pocket clip. The clip gives users the option of carrying tip down to conceal the blade. You can also carry it tip up to out the blade in a natural position for use when removing it from the pocket.

Titanium frame lock. The knife has a titanium frame lock. The lock protects users from the blade while carrying it in the pocket. This strong lock ensures that the blade does not deploy in the pocket.

Lanyard hole. The knife has a lanyard hole to clip the knife onto your bag and other items. This promotes convenient carrying of the knife.

Flipper opening mechanism. And finally, it has a flipper opening mechanism. This mechanism opens the knife almost as fast as an assisted opening knife.

Final Thought

The Zero Tolerance 0308BLKTS is an amazing tactical and outdoor knife. It also serves well as an EDC knife.

This accessory remains a worthy purchase. And while it scores high on the price scale, it is worth the investment because of the amazing features.

It promises excellent performance and durability.

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